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I was recently contacted by a super cute, newly engaged couple who lives downtown Charleston about updating their home with new decor. I'm so excited as I equally LOVE interior design projects!Many of you probably experienced this problem when you moved in with another person; you both have strong opinions on style and you may have completely different tastes! This is the fun and tricky part

When we purchased our Mount Pleasant brick ranch, we knew we wanted to add a screened porch to the inviting backyard at some point. To me, it was a huge selling point for this property. My husband actually had the vision of redoing the roof line which made a HUGE difference! So we began our outdoor home remodeling project and added beams, beadboard, recessed lighting and, of course, a fan. Pre- construction Our ultimate goal was to create a comfortable outdoor room, and I feel like that was accomplished! We hung curtains to give it a true room feel. In fact, Ryan

One of my passions is finding old, well-maintained pieces of furniture that still has tons of character and turning it into a more contemporary or modern piece. While maintaining the integrity - original wood and beautiful lines - I usually set out to find an updated fabric that matches the era the chair was made in but also give it a great, new look.Here are some of the latest pieces I completed:Grey Ikat ChairI found this chair at a consignment store in Charleston and loved the tufting and size. I did a little haggling and got it for another steal! Original

I have to admit- I'm having an affair with lights.  I'm back on being obsessed to finding a couple of perfect one's for the house.  Those who know me, a few close friends and of course the hubby know how I get obsessed with finding the perfect whatever object I'm searching for and in this case it's some lighting.The reason I'm on a light kick is because the little man who is now close to walking grabbed my floor lamp, knocked it down and broke it.  Which is fine because I wasn't crazy about it but it did give  us much

We are onto another small renovation and I couldn't be more excited- the laundry room! Wow, did I really get excited over that- never thought that would happen but I am so excited!The first step before I get this accomplised is picking out floors. I wanted to be different in this room because not only is it going to be a laundry room it will also be a mudroom and a small office for me.So, I wanted to have a little fun with this room. I've already purchased my desk chair from a great store here called Celadon.  I cannot

As we wrap up another renovation project on the house, adding 500 sf of space over the garage, adding a gable to the front for aesthetics and redoing the roof over our screen porch, we need to make a decision on paint colors for the entire home.I'm a little nervous and excited.  Excited because I LOVE the look of painted brick and  nervous b/c this decision has to stick with me for a long time.Anyone who knows my style knows I'm a huge fan of neutral colors, love  taupes and gray's.  So, I ordered several samples from the paint store