Let’s fill these walls…

Let’s fill these walls…

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Love my Saturday mornings in the office.  I get work done, newsletters, contracts finished, negotiate offers and of course browse for the house…

We have been in our place a little over a year now and I still don’t have artwork on my walls, still moving furniture in and out and taking on two new projects- the laundry room and the front yard and I feel like we haven’t gotten anywhere but everyone else says we have.

SO, let the search begin for wall ideas….photos, wallpapers, whatever I need to get this done.

I’m going to be stealing a couple of these ideas for the den.  First I bought 12 of these frames from pier 1 and I’m placing them over my sofa, which is new and I just adore it, can’t wait to share!

These are so pretty with my babies pics in them!


LOVE this display– I’m going to do this with the white frames above my sofa.

Next where we removed the TV from the wall to the fireplace is a need for some wow…just not sure if I’m going to do this or something else to give that wall a “wow” factor.  This below  will go somewhere in the house.

I really love the use of different frame colors

But this wallpaper is tempting too….

Love all of these and it is temporary wallpaper!

The Vibe: Saffron & Pink

Audrey Charcoal Wallpaper

Fingers crossed I can knock this out this week- I will feel one step closer to having a completed home!

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