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Whether you like or dislike Valentine's Day, you cannot fully avoid it because it's EVERYWHERE right now. I have to say I like it. But, then again I'm kind of a romantic person for the most part - when I don't have my iPhone in my hand or a client project I'm working on - the excuses can go on! This holiday encourages you to take a minute from the hustle and bustle and to acknowledge that special someone in your life. Wait, let me restate that. You should always acknowledge and show love to that special person or persons

I've finally had a minute to sit and get back to social media. We left for the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte the other weekend. It was so fun, I checked out on my phone and just enjoyed my family and the 15 others that joined us. We had a huge crowd! 10 adults and 9 kids and I have to tell you the kids were all amazing!!! 9 kids all under 6 that played, stayed up late and just got along so well! Anyway, I wanted to share some of this fabulousness I found while scouring the

Y'all, I finally made my way into an Ikea for maybe a total of 40 minutes. My oldest was not feeling well and neither was my husband. So, I had to mad dash it through the store and make mental notes as fast as I could. My husband promised to go back and get the items I wasn't able to get for me since I didn't make him suffer. So, these new to me items really stood. I'm hoping I can use them on some upcoming projects because the prices really are too good. OK this

Good morning friends!! Happy Tuesday! We had such a great weekend filled with friends, birthday dinners, getting more things done around the house and hanging out. It was so nice to not work and enjoy our friends and family! I had some time to scour the internet and found some eye candy I wanted to share! I love this acrylic easel and definitely hope to get one soon! It's large, but the acrylic makes it such a pretty way to show off your art. We have a lot of bugs and humidity in Charleston that a house like this would not

Good morning friends! I love a Tuesday top 10 because it's full of pretty items that catch my attention. I love looking at pictures, hence my obsession love with instagram. I come from a line of photographers and photos make me happy. So, for me, it's important to share pretty photos because that's where I gather inspiration. On that note, let's see some fabulousness that have crossed my laptop screen recently, shall we? This kitchen by Pencil & Paper Co- wow! I have yet to find the perfect hardware for our master bathroom addition. I do

Welcome back friends! I hope y'all had an amazing holiday and feeling refreshed, excited and ready to start 2015 off with a bang! I really enjoyed the break with my family. I feel like we ran 100 miles per hour to the very last second before Christmas, and it was really nice to tune out. I've come back inspired & ready to see what 2015 holds. And, I have a whole lotta blogs to catch up on! I have to say to all of my fabulous readers, I do greatly appreciate the comments, reads and Instagram love. It makes me

Morning friends! I am so excited to be sharing my Christmas home tour with you all today! I love the holidays and do my best to make it extra special for my family. I truly try and decorate almost every room with the exception of the bathrooms. So without further adieu I would like to welcome you to my home for the holidays! Our exterior we keep traditional and simple. We have a great front porch and try and keep the focus on it. Inside you walk into our entry. I love decorating with ornaments, personal art we created and santa's. I'm starting

I LOVE Christmas cards, especially the photo cards. This year, and last, and the one before I have ordered our cards through Minted. I love their selection and quality. And, this years cards are just as good if not better. I mean gold foil? Done! Not to mention they were already addressed when they arrived at my house. Total win here! Since I love photo cards so much, I always try to display them in a cute way. But, it's never very cute and every year I say I'm going to create a great display for them. Well,

Morning friends! I'm excited to be over at 11 Magnolia Lane sharing my home tour today! Here's a sneak peek! But, I'm also excited to share all of the beautiful homes they have recently had as well! Less than perfect life of bliss Housepitality Designs Useful beautiful home Dixie Delights Beige and Bianca Place of my taste The Pink Clutch Life on Virginia Street All of these talented ladies have created BEAUTIFUL holiday homes! I'm so glad to have been a part of an amazing group! Hope you enjoyed the home tours and hope y'all have a great day!