DIY Christmas card display holder

DIY Christmas card display holder

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I LOVE Christmas cards, especially the photo cards. This year, and last, and the one before I have ordered our cards through Minted. I love their selection and quality. And, this years cards are just as good if not better. I mean gold foil? Done! Not to mention they were already addressed when they arrived at my house. Total win here!

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Since I love photo cards so much, I always try to display them in a cute way. But, it’s never very cute and every year I say I’m going to create a great display for them.

Well, this was the year! I walked into the backyard, grabbed some scraps of wood from the renovation project that was lying around and asked one of the workers to let me use his saw to cut it. He didn’t trust me so he cut it, ha!

First was to cut this long piece in half same size on each end.

Then, he cut the other pieces to size and nailed them in for me. It took maybe 12 minutes to make this, with power tools of course.


I sprayed it white to prime it.

But, it didn’t take, so I used my kilz and brushed it. Much faster for such a small project.


Then I taped it and finished it with the gold on the steps.


Added some small detail to the feet of the ladder.


Next I found these darling clothes pins at Homegoods to attach to the ladder to hang the cards. I also used some wasi tape to add color.


Then I began adding cards and greenery.







It turned out great and adds a little fun to our home!

Happy holidays friends and thanks for coming by!

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