February 2015

Good morning friends! I'm so excited to get back into my "guess who's dropping in for coffee" series. Today I have a very talented guest who is a great decorator, stylish fashion blogger and who can put together one heck of a party. It is the sweet and darling Courtney from A Thoughtful Place. Come grab your morning beverage of choice and join me for a fun read! 1. What did you do prior to creating A Thoughtful Place? I taught fifth grade for almost ten years. I adored teaching and lived at the school. However, after I had my

Morning friends! I'm excited to have finally gotten it together and have photographed one of the three completed projects so far! I received an email from the owner of this home asking about my design/decorating services. We chatted a little via email, I came to her home and she hired me on the spot. It's a sweet newly married couple who just moved into this home. The home is lovely and has so much potential so I was ready to take it on. The previous owner had the standard builder things, beige walls, oil rubbed light

Morning friends! It's Tuesday and schools are closed here in Charleston! It's going to be a long day in the Edwards household with kids running around like wild banshees. On that note, I'm going to take a quick mental break and show you all some pretty things that have caught my eye lately. I have a client who has WAY too many built-ins. I recently suggested doing something similar to this to help cover them and make them a more useful storage area. Traditional Family Room by Birmingham Home Builders Signature Homes These towels are so fun and would add a

Happy Tuesday loves! Hope y'all had a great weekend! Ours was crazy busy and I loved every second of it because it was one event after the other but it included the entire family which was so nice! So, daddy is off traveling, kiddos are sleeping and I'm online looking for inspiration for my latest project. And, maybe doing a little online shopping. ;-) I am dreaming of redoing our backyard because I have great visions of my boys swimming and playing in it for years to come. This one would be lovely! Contemporary Exterior by Seattle Architects & Building

When I think of Charleston homes, the first type of home that pops into my mind is a Charleston single. I remember coming to Charleston when I was younger and walking the streets, doing historical tours and just being amazed by all the beautiful homes. These days it's fun to test born and bred Charleston friends about their knowledge of the history of their city. I wanted to share a little about the Charleston single because that was the first and biggest project that my husband and I completed thus far, and it was the project that jump started us

Mornin' friends! Let's drink some coffee and check out some loveliness today, shall we? This outdoor shower- yes! We have one but it's not this nice. It's a must here after you come from the beach to not bring the sand inside, we love it! Need a cute bag to sneak out of town for the weekend? I like this one a lot! This cottage kitchen is a scene out of a movie! I need to throw a party and I need to have these for it! I really like this bathroom and idea of the pendants hanging from the ceiling. This is a

Don't be thinking dirty y'all! ;-) Kidding, talking about fluffing those pillows and some pretty affordable pillows for your home! Ok, first of all, I have to confess. I'm VERY OCD about pillows. I fluff them twice a day at least if not more. And I'm not talking karate chop fluff. Let me explain. One day I was walking through a cute store here in Charleston and some pillows caught my attention. I picked them up and saw this tag that showed me how to fluff them. So I went home and tried this technique on my pillows and voila!

I'm so excited for this reveal! I had an AMAZING opportunity to partner with Taylor Burke Home, One Kings Lane and Cotton and Quill for the "Style It Challenge" using the Taylor Burke Home X-bench. The timing was perfect; we just finished our master bedroom addition. Well, almost finished. The bathroom and the bedroom still have a long punch list, and my master closet was missing some fabulousness. My head started spinning. I saw brass, black walls, shelves, more brass and I needed a pop of color. I began browsing through fabric selections that were offered for my X-bench. It was

Whether you like or dislike Valentine's Day, you cannot fully avoid it because it's EVERYWHERE right now. I have to say I like it. But, then again I'm kind of a romantic person for the most part - when I don't have my iPhone in my hand or a client project I'm working on - the excuses can go on! This holiday encourages you to take a minute from the hustle and bustle and to acknowledge that special someone in your life. Wait, let me restate that. You should always acknowledge and show love to that special person or persons

I've finally had a minute to sit and get back to social media. We left for the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte the other weekend. It was so fun, I checked out on my phone and just enjoyed my family and the 15 others that joined us. We had a huge crowd! 10 adults and 9 kids and I have to tell you the kids were all amazing!!! 9 kids all under 6 that played, stayed up late and just got along so well! Anyway, I wanted to share some of this fabulousness I found while scouring the