January 2015

Y'all, I finally made my way into an Ikea for maybe a total of 40 minutes. My oldest was not feeling well and neither was my husband. So, I had to mad dash it through the store and make mental notes as fast as I could. My husband promised to go back and get the items I wasn't able to get for me since I didn't make him suffer. So, these new to me items really stood. I'm hoping I can use them on some upcoming projects because the prices really are too good. OK this

Good morning friends!! Happy Tuesday! We had such a great weekend filled with friends, birthday dinners, getting more things done around the house and hanging out. It was so nice to not work and enjoy our friends and family! I had some time to scour the internet and found some eye candy I wanted to share! I love this acrylic easel and definitely hope to get one soon! It's large, but the acrylic makes it such a pretty way to show off your art. We have a lot of bugs and humidity in Charleston that a house like this would not

Good morning friends! I love a Tuesday top 10 because it's full of pretty items that catch my attention. I love looking at pictures, hence my obsession love with instagram. I come from a line of photographers and photos make me happy. So, for me, it's important to share pretty photos because that's where I gather inspiration. On that note, let's see some fabulousness that have crossed my laptop screen recently, shall we? This kitchen by Pencil & Paper Co- wow! I have yet to find the perfect hardware for our master bathroom addition. I do

Welcome back friends! I hope y'all had an amazing holiday and feeling refreshed, excited and ready to start 2015 off with a bang! I really enjoyed the break with my family. I feel like we ran 100 miles per hour to the very last second before Christmas, and it was really nice to tune out. I've come back inspired & ready to see what 2015 holds. And, I have a whole lotta blogs to catch up on! I have to say to all of my fabulous readers, I do greatly appreciate the comments, reads and Instagram love. It makes me