This New Jersey Backyard Got it All Right

This New Jersey Backyard Got it All Right

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I came across this backyard project by a New Jersey-based design firm – EAC Designs – on Houzz. Excuuuuuuuse me… this yard is awesome! So, as a part of my Porchin’ It series, I thought I would show it a little love.

Ok, so here’s why they rocked this backyard space…

1 – Killer Vertical Garden.

We don’t all have the luxury (or needed space) for a full garden. But, that doesn’t mean that those with green thumbs have to miss out. Vertical gardens are great ways to add some ‘green’ into your space without taking up precious grass or yard space.

2 – Use of a Small Space.

There are lot of Charleston singles and other residential ares in town with small backyards. I used to have one downtown on Queen Street. I know how how hard it is to fit everything in that tiny space like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s too bad we aren’t all blessed with acres of land. These designers did a good job creating ‘spaces’ for eating, entertaining, gardening, lounging and enjoying! 🙂

3 – Gorgeous Black/White Curtains.

Let me repeat that… GORGEOUS curtains. I’m obsessed with black and white (remember my room at the Designer’s Showcase? Black/white with a pop of color?) So, you know these curtains belong in my porch.

4 – Teacups as Planters?! Who would’ve thought it?

Being original is a sign of a great designer. I like these. They are simply darling and would work wonderfully in our Southern backyards. If not all year round, we can at least steal this idea for a backyard tea party, right?

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