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Transitioning the Porch to Fall & an Easy DIY

Fall is here! Well, not in Charleston but in most other places around America. Honestly, getting motivated to decorate for fall is low on my priority list because the weather is still high 80's and hot. I kinda feel like scrooge! It was time to quit my pouting, get my thoughts together and head over "to the place where everyone knows your name." No, y'all not Cheers, even though a cold beer wouldn't be terrible. (P.S. It's 7pm on Thursday ...

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This New Jersey Backyard Got it All Right

I came across this backyard project by a New Jersey-based design firm - EAC Designs - on Houzz. Excuuuuuuuse me... this yard is awesome! So, as a part of my Porchin' It series, I thought I would show it a little love. Ok, so here's why they rocked this backyard space... 1 - Killer Vertical Garden. We don't all have the luxury (or needed space) for a full garden. But, that doesn't mean that those with green thumbs have to miss out. ...

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Porchin’ it – the outdoor sofa

I don't know about y'all but my porch is begging for me to give it a good pressure washing so that we can enjoy family time on it again. I can't believe I'm about to tell you what I did, but I am. We sold our custom sectional. Yes, as in the one below. Last spring my husband decided to give our porch a major cleaning and removed all the furniture outside. He left it in the rain and it ...