Last minute Christmas Gifts

Last minute Christmas Gifts

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I don’t think I can wrap my brain around the fact that Christmas is 4 days away!! I think I have everyone covered on my list. I have a couple of items left for my husband but other than that, I’m good!

But, I know it sneaks up on you and here are some gifts that I snagged last minute that I wanted to share.

First off, this is such a fun gift for all. Our swurfer is in our front yard and the boys LOVE it!

The Swurfer

And who doesn’t like champagne? Especially in a pretty glittery bottle like this?

Hope Champagne

Art is also amazing! I LOVE this print by Minted!

Light in Dark

Speaking of Minted, our Christmas cards just went out last week and I cannot say how much I LOVE them!

Minted Christmas Cards

We created a DIY ladder to hold all of our cards and I love it so much! See it here. A lot of my friends wrote me after they received our card and said they were so overwhelmed with the holidays this year and that they’re sending New Years cards and I think that is such a fun idea. I love so many of their New Years cards and I think I may have to keep that idea in mind for next year!

This bike is super cool for kids!


I love drinking my coffee out of my gold monogram mug, it makes me so happy!

Gold monogram mug

There’s something simple but lovely about this monogram pendant.

monogram pendant

For the cook in the house, this cutting board is a gorgeous combination of wood and stone.

Thirtystone marble

And the newest hype are the swell bottles. I’ve asked for one in this fun print. I cannot wait to hear why everyone loves them!


I have this in my cart for my husband, but I really like it for myself.

Iphone Wallet

Since my husband is on the road a lot, I think he needs a descent travel bag. This one is just classic.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.11.23 PM

And I ordered these flowers for our home and several other friends. Flowers are always a nice gesture!

Good luck shopping friends and Merry Christmas!

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