"You better shop around"….

"You better shop around"….

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I wish I could remember all the lyrics but I’m having a serious moment of blankness!
So I did what the song said and began my shopping for wallpaper.  We are not talking floral wallpaper with a matching boarder- I’m talking about the return of the Grasscloth wallpaper and yours truly got sucked in and has taken the leap to put it on the walls of my dining room.  I just received it today and it is going up on Monday!  Cooper was just as excited to see the UPS truck as me.

I had not planned on doing any wallpaper in our new home but last year my in-laws were in town and I had shown my mother in law a gorgeous photo of a dining room that had a blue/green grasscloth wallpaper.  She took the magazine home and found the paper locally and had it done in her dining room- it was gorgeous!  So when I saw this one I could not help myself.   The texture, color, etc was fun and I wanted something different- hope the choice I made was a good one- cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Just a word to the wise- do some research because wallpaper is not cheap.  I found a company on the Internet http://www.eadeswallpaper.com/ who had the paper for a lot less then I could find locally.  I was hesitant to purchase it but when I spoke to a local wallpaper hanger they recommended them. Once I get the room back together I will be able to add it to my “Not Your Grandma’s Ranch” series!
Speaking of shopping- fabric was next on my list.  I truly try to shop locally but there are times when you need to save your money and it’s good to look somewhere else like the Internet.  So I went to a local fabric store here and the fabric I fell for was listed at $25 and online it was $12 so I saved a lot of money.  One place I recommend is www.housefabric.com – now they don’t always beat local prices and it’s always good to ask your local stores if they can do a price match.
Finally, don’t underestimate the power of Target!  I wanted a simple floor lamp for our den and I shopped high end boutique shops, then Marshalls, TJ Maxx and others but I was not able to find it and I turned down an aisle in Target and voila!  There she was- it looks great and I’m super happy!

Target Tripod Floor Lamp

I cannot wait to show you the rooms put together!

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  • November 16, 2011

    Can't wait to see the end result. I know it will look awesome! Target is my go-to store as well. And, you're right about shopping online. You gave us that tip when we were looking for hardwood floors and we saved hundreds of dollars. It's too bad as I would love to support our local shops!

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