What to do with your Real Estate investment in the "Slow Season"

What to do with your Real Estate investment in the "Slow Season"

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Has this year been a not so successful attempt in selling your home? Have you had showings with feedback that only frustrates you? Such as the kitchen is dated, bad paint colors, the carpet is awful? So what do you do? One option is to not sell and stay in your home for a little while longer, the other is to lower the price to sell or the third is to use the money that you would give up in a “low ball” offer and use it to your advantage so there isn’t money left on the table. Personally, I like option number three.

Putting money into your home does pay off and I know personally! All of the homes that I have owned have had some type of “remodeling” done to sell. Now, I am not saying that you need to take out a Home Equity Line of Credit to take on some of these remodels because there are many you can do on your own.

Do you love that lime green paint in your master bedroom? I’m sure it goes well with your home and your decor, but most buyers may be instantly turned off by it. Help you and your home get sold faster by repainting your home to colors that are neutral. Some home buyers cannot visual your home as their future home because all they can do is focus on your paint color choices. Believe me it’s true!

You don’t always have to paint, knock down walls or do anything drastic. Another type of “remodeling” is de-cluttering the home and re-arranging the furniture. Do you have items in your home that you already planned on not brining to your next home? Have a garage sale and make some money or donate it. Do not wait for the home to sell before you get rid of that old sofa in the guest room. Keep it simple and keep it clean, it will leave a lasting impression!

Now, if you do have time and money to do some remodeling, do it now before the spring so your home is ready to sell. Kitchen updates are VERY important for home buyers, that is the number one item on a buyers list of upgrades. Bathrooms are second and details such as lighting, paint, etc are next. Do these updates if you have enough equity in your home. Don’t over update and put in more money then you can ge out!

I have been remodeling, decorating and working with my clients for years to help them get their home sold. So if you are interested in having a consultation I would love to help! Real Estate and decorating are my passion.

I have also had the pleasure of working with a great company to do many remodels, www.sceltas.com. They are a local construction company that strives to stand out from the rest. They can design your additions, renovations and consult with you each step of the way to assure that you are completely satisfied!

Best of luck in your new adventure and happy selling in 2009!

Krystine S. Edwards

I love helping people successfully find and perfect their dream homes in Charleston. This is why I'm dedicated to home selling, buying, decorating, designing and remodeling.