Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday

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Well hello sweet friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these Top 10 posts. I do love sharing the pretty things that catch my eye.

That being said, let me get back into the swing of things with a top 10 Tuesday post for old times sake!

I really am thinking about our next home. And, as much as I love a white home, I feel like they are EVERYWHERE lately. So, I’ve found myself looking at other colors such as blue and black.

Here’s a beautiful home, it’s the Coastal Living show home of 2014 and its color is refreshing!

Coastal Living Magazine Showhouse 2014

I am a sucker for a kitchen. They are truly the heart of the home. It never fails, I can have a party, put the food in the dining room, outside, but somehow everyone always gathers back to the kitchen. And, since that’s the case, gathering in this kitchen wouldn’t be half bad!

Harvard Historic Home Renovation

Just as I was putting this post together and telling you above about painting our next home a color other then white, I stumble across this beauty! I’m OBSESSED with a black home right now! What do you think?

Cala Woods Residence and Studio

CHARMMMMMM-INNGG is the first word that comes to mind when I see this home. I adore so much about it, but what I adore most are the architectural details and the landscaping. How cute would it be to drive up to this darling home every day?

Classic Cottage

And, I’m chuckling to myself because here I am now looking at a white home again! I mean, can you blame me?

Napa Valley Residence

Let’s move onto some home decor.

I am obsessed with these small accent tables. I have bought 3 already. They fit perfectly in our small bedrooms and next to chairs. This photo does not do it justice. They have a nice antique brass finish with a marble top. They’re good!

These beautiful lights are making their way to a bathroom renovation project that I’m currently working on. I’m excited because I wanted a clear glass vs. a milk glass light.

This mirror is so lovely up against wallpaper. I’ve seen it recently on pinterest while searching for inspiration and it just sparkles. This image is dull, but I promise y’all it’s fabulous. Now I need find a project where I can use it.

I just sent this coffee table to a client. I think it’s a great size, is clean and sharp looking. Oh, and a descent price for marble.

This dining chair is so lovely. I love the straight lines, the arms and the white washed wood. It look comfy, I can see my self sitting in it at a dinner party.

Well, that’s it for this evening friends. I’m on the sofa watching the election.

Thanks for checking in!


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