Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday

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Morning friends!

Hope y’all had a great Super Bowl weekend. Did you go over the top with food? We did big time. The gym yesterday hurt so badly! And, today, I’m going to push myself and go to my friends Barre class. I’ve got to get back in shape!

Anyway, let’s talk about some prettiness this week. I put this photo on instagram the other day because first off, it’s gorgeous, but secondly, I’m working on a kitchen renovation and we have some similarities in the design. My client ordered this exact hood, we are using brass hardware and the cabinets are going to be gray! I cannot wait to get to the good stuff.

Via House & Home Magazine | Designed by Allison Wilson of Sarah Richardson Design

Via House & Home Magazine | Designed by Allison Wilson of Sarah Richardson Design


OK, not to be on a kitchen kick but this one caught my eye too.  I want to do a kitchen so badly using walnut to make the cabinets.  I love the feel of this kitchen, it is so cozy!


image via Better Homes and Garden

image via Better Homes and Garden


I’ve been thinking about putting my boys in the same room.  I think it would be so fun for them to share a room…I think it would be, I could be totally wrong!  But, I love this space, the warmth, the built-in beds, it’s darling!



This laundry room kinda rocks! I love these doors, I actually have them in my laundry room and the light that comes in from them is great!


I’m obsessing over lacquered walls lately. I want to do this to someone’s home so badly I cannot stand it! There’s something sexy about them, don’t you think?

So, I’ve been sharing sneak peeks of a project I’m working on. And, we are getting to the good stuff. Tile install, mirrors and lighting. And, I have these lights on my radar but of course they are blowing my budget, but aren’t they fabulous? Have y’all seen anything similar but less expensive? If so, please do share, pretty please!

Yeon Double Sconce

These barstools are a possibility too. My client wanted a back on her barstools and after searching all over the place for something with a gold finish, we keep circling back to this one.

Henry Barstool

Y’all know I need to talk about fashion. I really don’t like to spend too much money on clothes that I see as trendy or a fad. But on certain things I will spend money on, like staples. But, for $68, I bet you will get your money’s worth out of this dress this spring and summer!

T-shirt Dress

I may have bought my first pair of sandals for the summer. I will tell that dolce vita is one of my favorite shoes, I have multiple pairs and some are a few years old. That being said I did grab these for this summer to go with everything!

Mira Sandal in Caramel

To end on a happy note, this quote made my day and inspired me.


Happy Tuesday night friends!

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