Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday friends! How was your weekend?

We had a wonderful one. I went camping with my oldest and I have to say it was so much fun! I loved spending time alone with him. He’s growing so fast and I’m starting to feel a little disconnection with him because his little brother still needs help with so much. But, on this trip I got my share of hugs, snuggles, love and lots of laughs. It was amazing!

Sorry to get side tracked. On to the fun stuff, the Top 10 of what is getting my attention via the world wide web!

I kinda got excited when I saw this because I’m working on a kitchen design and it looks similar to this one. It is so nice to see it in real life vs. a 3D vision on my laptop. I love the big tile and the cabinet on the counter. Clean, simple and fabulous!

Completely smitten with this bedroom! I love every last detail.

And who doesn’t love a white home?

I’m on loving some white today…this space, yes please!

OK this is clever and so darling! My boys would have so much fun and probably break the doors from opening and closing them.

Let’s change tunes and talk about some of these lovelies I found for your home.

This vintage light caught my attention. I love the brass, the shape and the colored glass.

Brass modenist chandelier

West Elm is having a great textile sale. And this distressed rug is one of the many items on sale. (if pink isn’t your color they have others) I don’t have a place for it, wish I did though.

Distressed arabesque rug

This sweater, this fall, on repeat.

Womens Madewell Ryder

One fall staple is a gingham shirt. It’s fun, it comes in great colors, you can dress up or down, just get one! I have several and love them.

Gingham Boy Shirt

And, I know y’all have seen me wear mine in photos. Seriously my favorite boots for the cold weather and rain.

Saltwater Wool Duck

That’s a wrap friends! Have a good one and thanks for dropping in.

Xo- Krystine

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