Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday

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Hi friends!

I’ve been running around crazy trying to wrap several projects while getting new listings and taking out buyers too. Then, our home was hit with a stomach bug and my poor baby got it. It kills me when my babies are sick. I stocked up on probiotics for the entire family. Praying no one else gets it.

That being said, I’ve been behind in blog posts but my mind is full of DIY and design tips. I’m going to try and dedicate a day to my laptop and answer emails, blog posts and anything else I need to catch up on.

I had a chance the other day to sit down and shop for a few projects the other night. I found some great inspiration and wanted to share with you.

We are creating two spaces in our backyard that was recently sodded. One is an outdoor dining area and the other area will be for our outdoor shower. We looked at blue stone today and I had to pick out the sizes. Not sure if I’m feeling blue stone, we will see tomorrow when they’re delivered.

So, on the subject of pavers, I love the layout of these and the grass growing in between.

Speaking of outdoors I love this settee. I can picture this in my backyard with beautiful pillows.

Pelican Cay Settee

This outdoor shower is fabulous. I love the tile that looks like wood and the shutters as doors, so clever! And the color is fabulous! This screams coastal living.

I’ve been looking for simple but fabulous planters for the yard and these have been on my mind for a long time. I love a square planter.

Chippendale Planters

I can only dream of a beautiful pool house like this. If money was no object, I would definitely have a beautiful pool and amazing pool house. The detail in the trellis at the top and the door are so well done!

These towels are super precious, especially with the tassels!

ALABAT Beach Towel

I just finished our hanging baskets this past weekend. I always seem to lean towards lots of pinks, greens and whites in my baskets. I love caladiums, some kind of bloom and then I add a vine. These hanging & flower baskets bring so much color and cheer to this home.

And you know I couldn’t resist showing you some cute fashion for the spring summer. Here in Charleston it gets very hot and very humid, so I wear dresses a lot. This one has been on my radar, I’ve got to pull the trigger on it.

Floral Print jersey shift dress

I mentioned we are working on an outdoor dining space. I wish I had these views to make mine as fabulous as this, but reality is I don’t. However, this is just magical. I would love to entertain here!

And because I am a woman who loves her heels. I mean these would rock so many of my summer outfits. (sigh)

riana platform

Sorry for the late post, but I’m glad I got one together. I’m excited to put some new design posts for you this week, get some new projects up on the blog and sneak in another guest post or two.

Happy Tuesday night friends! Thanks for always dropping in.

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