Tips for Setting Realistic Real Estate Goals in 2014

Tips for Setting Realistic Real Estate Goals in 2014

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It’s that time again. We’re making promises, setting goals and crossing our fingers we’re able to mark a few off our to-do lists. Don’t set your real estate dreams aside another year. Set some realistic goals for yourself or your family and start pressing the gas pedal. Here are a few tips I have for you in 2014:

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  • Select a qualified Realtor group. There are more than a few in your community but become familiar with the Realtor groups who are performing the best. Hands down if you live in the Charleston or Mount Pleasant area, you want to work with Carolina One. I’m proud to serve with the number one listing and selling company in town. Check out our local scoreboard… this says it all!
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  • Determine if your Realtor is right for the job. Ask yourself if he or she has the necessary time and skill to help you achieve your real estate goals. The right personality? The go-ahead to push the transaction forward even when it seems stalled? Also, do they know about construction? The last may be something you haven’t thought of before, but I can tell you it definitely helps to work with a Realtor who understands renovation, remodeling, construction and design costs so you can talk through investment options during the walk through phase. I know my clients appreciate this as rough estimates help them understand how much they may have to spend on top of their contract commitment.
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  • Write specific goals down. With the help of your Realtor, make a decision about sales prices and timeframes. I study my market consistently and know average DOMS (days on market), comps and neighborhood data to help my clients know realistically what they can get for their homes or what they should offer on a home purchase or investment. Write it down. “I want to sell our home at asking price or within 5% in the next 60 days.” Know your lower and higher limits.
  • Make investment desires known. If you are purchasing an investment property, identify why you are investing and how soon you hope to accumulate profit. Help your Realtor understand exactly what you hope to reap from the transaction so he or she can point you in the right direction. Also, know how much you need to set aside in reserve funds if you are planning to rent your property to cover the expenses.
  • Make a list of necessary activities. What is your responsibility verses your Realtor’s? What needs to be done in the next week, 2 weeks and beyond for a smooth transaction? Make a list and finish items in a timely manner. If your Realtor is tech-savvy, then ask them to set up a project management site to help everyone stay on the same page.
  • Understand current real estate market trends. Basic housing and economic trends can help you determine if it is a good time to buy or sell. Currently, many forecasters are predicting another strong year of real estate gains in 2014.

This year is promising for buyers so contact ME now and let’s go find the right home for you!

Thoughts? Are you planning to buy or sell in 2014? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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