Sell Your Home with Specific Low Cost Tweaks

Sell Your Home with Specific Low Cost Tweaks

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I rarely write about real estate because it’s relevant during specific life events – when you’re interested in buying or selling a home – however, I think there are some real estate topics that I should talk about which would help anyone sell his or her home in any area… not just Charleston!

So, I’m going to share what I usually have on my sellers’ to-do lists to prep their home for showings and to sell quicker.

Curb appeal. That’s a no brainer. If your home is unattractive from the outside, it will start off the home tour with a negative impact. Simple items like make sure you cut the grass, edge, remove dead plants, rake and add plants, etc, to the front of your home.

I'm curious to see this home! So inviting!

I’m curious to see this home! So inviting!

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Painting. I always have my buyers paint, if feasible, to tone down their wall colors if they are too bold or too dark. I love using Sherwin Williams First Star 7646. It’s the perfect gray for me. It’s light enough where you think it’s almost white, but in different light, it’s a very pale shade of gray.


Another easy fix is changing out hardware. Brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze is fine, but the 80’s bright brass is a not-so-much. Ebay has vendors who can sell hardware really cheap, or you can use spray paint.

Oh and this door- oy! The whole combo is bad!

Oh and this door- oy! The whole combo is bad!

Flooring is a big one! I just walked through a listing and the floors were a mess. Luckily, I have amazing sellers who are replacing the hardwood floors because, unfortunately, they were not able to have them re-finished. (Look into re-finishing, first.) Then, carpeting, too. If your carpets have any stains or odors, they need to go! A trick for carpeting is to run to your big home improvement stores. They have rolls of carpet in the very back that is a lot cheaper and can be installed within 72 hours.

Buyers calculate insane amounts of money in their head to replace flooring. I’ve had people offer $10,000 less for what was $2000 in floor repairs.

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Lighting is an easy and quick fix too. If your lighting is dated, replace or make it a fun DIY project. I score a lot of lighting on clearance. I go to big warehouse sales and stock up and keep light around just for my clients. Also, check your home improvement stores clearance areas too. They have really great deals as well! If replacing is not an option, consider spray painting the lights, change out shades, just simple items like that can make a huge difference.

Simple yet stunning!

Simple yet stunning!

Little fixes. Don’t wait for a home inspection to correct the cabinet door hanging from a loose hinge. Tighten the screws and repair it. Old leaks that have been fixed but the stain is still present – paint it! Don’t let a buyer see that, especially if you corrected the problem. That makes buyers nervous that there are more serious problems. What is nothing to you may look like the below picture to them. (This is actually my friends ceiling; her a/c was leaking, and she had no clue.)


De-clutter. That makes sense, but sometimes people don’t see their clutter as clutter. I’ve had clients rent storage units and pods and fill them to the brim. I like to explain to my seller that buyers want to walk into a cozy pretty home, not one where they worry that it will take you a year to move out because the home is over stuffed. Buyers like to open closet doors to see the storage space. If you have it full, then they’re going to be concerned that there isn’t enough room for them. Ok, so this is a little over the top, but it is nice to see!

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De-personalize. It’s a little strange to live in your own home and not to see family photos. I am not opposed to them, I prefer it to be kept to a minimum.

Other then that, keep it clean, smelling good, blinds open, lights on, music in the background, and get it sold!

I love helping people successfully find and perfect their dream homes in Charleston. This is why I'm dedicated to home selling, buying, decorating, designing and remodeling.


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