Outside the box, using furniture in the bathroom.

Outside the box, using furniture in the bathroom.

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When you think of bathroom renovations, it’s easy to go to a big box store to get tile, paint, faucets and a standard bathroom vanity. Because that’s the affordable and easy… or so you think. I recently used a fun antique piece in a powder room and turned it into a vanity. It turned out beautifully and added a little something special to that space. And honestly, it was more affordable then buying a vanity because it was free!

You can use an old piece that you’re thinking of throwing away, scour craigslist or thrift shops.

But, before you scour, here’s what you need to do:

1. Measure the space to know what size of furniture will fit.

2. Ideally, there are either deep drawers or doors to hide the drain and the under mount sink. That is if you choose to use one vs. a vessel sink.

3. Have a plumber look at the piece and make sure you know where the holes need to be drilled to connect plumbing.

4. If you are handy, carefully remove the top of the furniture to add countertop. (If not ask someone who knows how to minimize damage to furniture piece) Unless you plan on keeping the top, you will need a special varnish, possibly a marine grade to seal the top to preserve the piece.

Easy enough right?

Still unsure, check out these beautiful bathrooms for some inspiration.

Image via Tom Scheer

Image via Tom Scheer

Aren’t these beautiful and so inspiring? I hope y’all get the opportunity to think outside the box on your next bathroom renovation.

Good night friends and hope y’all had a great weekend!



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