Out to eat…Grace & Grit

Out to eat…Grace & Grit

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Several months ago, I noticed a beautiful building being constructed in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. As I drove past it, staring at the beautiful details in the architecture, I noticed the name, Grace and Grit. I was thrilled to discover that Charleston, whom has an amazing culinary scene, was adding a new option for dining out.

Walking up to the restaurant, I was drawn to the dark wood, the metal and most importantly the outdoor dining area. The restaurant is fresh, cozy and sophisticated. It was a crowded night, the lights were glowing giving off this great ambience and the weather was perfect to be dining outside.
Sitting outside, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and I enjoyed my favorite cocktail, a salty dog. If a restaurant doesn’t offer fresh grape fruit juice, I will opt for another drink, but since Grace and Grit does have fresh grapefruits, it was my drink of choice.

We began with the pickled shrimp and sweetbay bibb wraps. They were flavorful, light and delicious.

I cannot resist oysters. They are the perfect coastal food and in my opinion a great option to not over stuff yourself prior to the main course.

Next, we were on to the main course. The colors and presentation were beautiful!

Below, we ordered the chef’s creation with shrimp and the presentation we chose was pan roasted. It was absolutely amazing!

Also, from the Chef’s creation, we chose the scallops. The presentation we chose was the boiled peanuts succotash.

Last, but not least, was the whole fried local snapper. And, I have to say, it was my favorite! I love fish, I never prepare it at home anymore because it is never as good as when I go out to eat. It was a perfect combination of sweet and savory and just delicious!

We enjoyed it so much that we went back for brunch as well. Did I mention that they have 15 or is 16 different flavors of grits. They are all heaven!

Grace and Grit is located right over the bridge from Charleston, in Mount Pleasant. The chef and his wife worked together on the Isle of Palms at Acme cantina. They had an opportunity to invest in the restaurant and they went for it. Bravo to them for creating a unique, beautiful and vibrant restaurant with a menu that keeps you coming back for more.

Hope y’all enjoyed this new post and I hope that you come back for more “Out to Eat” series as I make my way through Charleston and other cities culinary scene.

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