Not Your Grandma’s Ranch: The Dining Room

Not Your Grandma’s Ranch: The Dining Room

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I’m excited that we have moved on to another project and it’s finally completed minus a couple of small items- curtains and art which is on our to do list for this weekend!

Do you remember my inspiration? Well here it is again to remind you…

This was my dining room before…lovely isn’t she?  This picture is from the previous owners…I have to say that I do love the chandelier though- I kept it and plan on putting it in my home somewhere.

And here’s the dining room now….
Adding wood trim was very important to me- I felt that it added a little bit of much needed detail

I was on a mission to find these lamps
The Chandelier was a wedding gift and I was so happy to be able to use it in this home

These chairs were a Christmas gift and I was over the moon to get them!

I was not planning on using wallpaper but I walked into a store and there it was sitting in a basket.  I love this grass wallpaper because it has a silver lining which makes it glitter.  It is by Thibaut called Glitter Grass.  I was initially nervous at first but with the wood detail taking up much of the wall I thought it wouldn’t be too much.

Next were my lamps- I walked into a super expensive but fabulous store here in Charleston ,who shall remain nameless, saw these and wanted to jump up and down because I had found what I thought were the perfect lamps.  Perfect until I saw the price tag of $490, my jumping for joy almost turned into a collapse on the floor.  Needless to say I was DEVASTED!  So I searched and searched on the internet with no success.  Then one night while out to eat with a girlfriend of mine we started talking about decorating and  I showed her the lamps telling her these were my missing piece- she did a double take and said they were at Marshalls- wait what?!!?!?!?   So I ran over there the next day and got them for a fraction of the cost!  Woo hoo score!

I had the dining table, the chandelier,the mirror (another great Marshalls purchase), the china cabinet and dining chairs but I was not completely in love with my chairs.  Then a weekend at my in-laws ended with a set of beautiful chairs.

Finally it is complete minus curtains and more art on the walls but I love walking into my home and looking in that room- it makes me smile of the few dinners we have had their with friends and the future dinners we’ll have! PS- thanks again to Sceltas for being quick, fabulous and really listening to what I wanted- I love the wood detail!

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