Meet Brittany from Addison Wonderland

Meet Brittany from Addison Wonderland

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Good morning friends! I think starting off the week with an introduction to an amazing woman is a good way to start. Not sure where to begin to talk about Brittany from Addison’s Wonderland. Let me try…this beautiful mama of two, decorator, creator of Addison’s Wonderland bedding, has impeccable taste & style. Her use of bright colors and pattern mixing inspires me daily. Her beautiful spaces that I discovered via instagram peaked my interest and had me wanting to know more about her. So, join me for a fun read.

1. Where did you study residential design?

I graduated in 2005 from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in Furnishings and Interiors.

2. Before the bedding business, the kitchen & bath company what did you do?

I got my first job at the age of 14 and have been in the working world ever since! My first job was at a local clothing store, which I absolutely despised (LOL!) and from there I mostly worked in the restaurant industry until my husband and I started our Kitchen/Bath company, APF Inc., our junior year of college. I did take off for a short time after my daughter Addison was born but quickly realized that staying home full time unfortunately wasn’t for me. I wanted to create a good balance of doing what I love and raising my daughters so that’s when I started the bedding company Addison’s Wonderland. It allowed me to vent my creativity and create my own schedule.

3. Did you always have a passion for design or growing up did you imagine doing something else?

Actually, up until close to my junior year of college, I was a fashion major. I think I just loved colors, patterns and fabric so much that I assumed the fashion industry was what I loved. It wasn’t until I roamed the halls of our interior design building and saw the renderings on the walls that I realized where my true passion was all along.


4. What has been your favorite project so far?

My favorite project will most likely always be my bedding and room designs for Addison’s Wonderland. I love layering patterns so much and children’s spaces always allow me to really go for it and use color to the extreme. Out of those designs, the Addison and Ava Collections were my very first and still are my very favorite rooms of all time.


5. What has been your hardest project?

The most difficult projects are honestly usually ones for clients. With Addison’s Wonderland (the bedding company) and my own homes, the designs are 100% my own creations. Working with other people takes some work determining how to use your own strengths and design style with their needs and wants.

6. What is your favorite part of design?

My favorite part of design is pushing myself to create something completely unique every time. I love the challenge of mixing patterns and colors in ways that have never been seen before and in ways that make you do a double take.


7. Do you find it hard to be in business with your husband?

For the first several years it was extremely difficult working with my husband. We are both very entrepreneurial and very strong willed so we never wanted to back down off of our own ideas. After about five years of doing my own thing, we are now working together again and we have grown so much. I think we finally have an understanding of each of our strengths and we have figured out how to focus those strengths and separate tasks yet then come together with an open mind for ideas.

8. What is the best part of working together?

The best part of working together has always been creating something together. We started our company with absolutely nothing and it’s amazing to see what we’ve done. I also think it’s great to truly see and understand how hard we each work. That’s really allowed us to be more appreciative and helpful to one another in other aspects of our lives.

9. What can your readers expect in regards to projects or products in the next year?

Gosh, that is the hardest question of all! Like I said before, my husband and I are both so entrepreneurial there is no telling what we will do. We come up with the craziest ideas and they’re always evolving. I started my blog as kind of a holding place for Addison’s Wonderland until I decided where to take the bedding company. However, the blog has taken off so much and so many new opportunities have come my way that you may be seeing lots more home renovations and possibly some house flips by my husband and I in the very near future. And of course, I will be blogging all about it!


10. Perfect Sunday?

My perfect Sunday is breakfast or lunch out with my family, church and then a relaxing afternoon around the house. Our other six days of the week are always so chaotic that we enjoy our Sundays as stress free as possible.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Brittany and gained some inspiration from her work. Enjoy your day friends!

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  • May 4, 2015

    wow- i adore her creative and eclectic design!!! bold and beautiful!

  • May 6, 2015

    Love Brittany!! She is so talented!

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