Let’s try to blog again!

Let’s try to blog again!

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I have been EXTREMELY behind on blogging and now that Susan, my partner in crime, has moved on to another career, it’s up to me, YEP, just me to keep this business going! I wanted to get back out there but in a different way. It’s good to know what’s going on with the local real estate, what’s selling, what’s not, is it time to buy, should we wait…and all of the rest.

But, I want this blog to be fun, informative and more personal. After all I’m not a serious news reporter, those who know me know that I love to have some fun…ok maybe a little more than some!

Anyway, I’m going to dedicate this blog, moving forward to my thoughts on real estate, some personal learning lessons from real estate sales and those dreaded short sales, my love for renovating and decorating and finally give you a little sneak peek into my personal life…not too much but enough.

I’m going to start a small series called, “Not Your Grandma’s Ranch” because as some of you know- we bought a ranch! Ha, it makes me laugh to say that because we are not a ranch generation or at least you thought you weren’t…I didn’t until I laid my eyes on this home.

Hope you enjoy- thank you all for the support, trusting me with your real estate sales, the sweet comments on the home and the work we’ve done so far, thanks for you who ask for my decorating advice, I’m truly flattered and slightly mad at myself for not taking interior design in school- but I guess if I had studied that vs. computer science I wouldn’t be able to blog right?



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  • October 7, 2011


    Love the ranch, and hope we own one near you soon! (Thanks to my dedicated realtor, of course.) Glad to see you blogging again. Keep it up! 😉

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