Joy to the world…(furniture world)- featured guest Joy Lang of Trinkets!

Joy to the world…(furniture world)- featured guest Joy Lang of Trinkets!

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I had the pleasure of having coffee with my fabulous friend Joy Lang at our favorite Starbucks the other morning.  She is this sassy, southern doll with a go-getter attitude and this insane talent for being super creative. She came from a small town called Hawkinsville in GA but has made a big city impression on me with her talent for redoing furniture.  She like me is a realtor and has a serious passion for décor.  I’m so happy we crossed paths because she has inspired me so much and has introduced me to other avenues on decorating!

Q: When you were young what was your dream career?

Joy: Doing this!  My family owned a furniture store and I would go there every day after school.  Sitting in the window, my dad would have a burgundy couch paired with pink lamps.  It was BAD!  So of course, I would redo it for him.  Every time his vendors came in I would order furniture for myself and re-arrange my bedroom. ( I was 5 years old when I place my first order- a canopy bed.)  I think I was born with a passion for furnishings!

Q: Describe your style.

Joy: My love is for what I call “sexy furniture” – Anything with pretty lines, a bow front or curved legs.  Right now, it’s anything French – I’m slightly obsessed.   I like to mix it up with zebra or cowhides, rich velvets, Italian silks, and other textures.  I love feel-good fabrics.

Q:  I know you find your great pieces at auctions, thrift shops and other places- where do you find your best?

Joy: I like off the wall places, ya know off the beaten path, I can smell a treasure from a mile away!  The places that look the worst are always the best.

Q: What does your hubby think?

Joy:  First I bring a piece home that I’m so excited about and he says, “the only thing holding it together are termites holding hands”(Insert a boisterous laugh here between Joy and me because when I bring home pieces Ryan always has a sarcastic comment as well) Once he see’s the final product he’s trying to sell it before the paint the dries! It makes me nervous to leave town without him…  scared to find all of my trophy pieces missing when I return!! Ha, ha!

Q: What are your favorite pieces that you own or have sold?

Joy: I love the settee in my dining room (I do as well- I keep joking that I’m breaking into her home to steal it) and the French bed in my guest bedroom.

Q: After a long day of painting furniture and furniture hunting how do you unwind?

Joy: A BIG “furry” glass of wine (that’s what she calls a good glass of red wine) and reading magazines for my next inspiration.

See Joy’s beautiful pieces below!

All of Joy’s beautiful creations!

Joy- thank you again for sharing with everyone!   Come by Chic Antique in Mt. Pleasant to see Joy’s furniture- look for the Trinkets tag.  Buyers beware you will want to purchase multiple pieces!

I hope you are inspired like I have been- now I do a double take on every piece of furniture I think about getting rid of because you never know what you can turn it into!

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  • October 26, 2011

    So glad you featured Joy! No such thing as too many Trinkets!

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