In Style Tile

In Style Tile

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We are in the process of finshing a small bathroom renovation.  My goal was to do it inexpensively- Lowe’s tile, etc.  Well, I was struggling because nothing really jumped out at me.  We did get our floor tile from there large 18 x 24 (I think that was the size) and had them cut into a rectangle and they really turned out great.

However, I could not find a shower tile that I loved so I decided to go to a tile store here, Buckhanon Brothers Tile and found a phenomenal selection. Yes, it was much more pricey then Lowe’s but was gorgeous.  I found something I liked but was able to get it for a great price when I shopped it around and found something similar.

During the process I did learn that the new trend in tile was picking a tile that looked like hardwood floors, bamboo, or had stripes in it.  Ryan and I were so excited to see something fun in tile vs. a traditional ceramic.

Here are examples of what we saw!

Provenza, Wood Look Tile, or referred to by Mission Stone & Tile

Rex Ceramiche- Italian Porcelain Tile Factory

Caesar Ceramics Porcelain Tiles         

I love the idea of the wood looking tile for beach homes.  Many homeowners concerns are the humidity and the wear and tear of hardwood floors in a beach home. I think it is a FABULOUS substition to get the elegant hardwood floor look but have the durability of a tile.
Now, the Rex tile is awesome- I love the funkiness of it.  It looks almost like leather on your walls.  I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do an entire wall of this but a backsplash in my bathroom or behind my stove is something I’d be willing to do.
Finally the Ceaser Ceramic is what we chose for our shower- it really adds a twist to your traditional porcelain.  It just had a clean look that we felt would stay in style for a long time and we are SO pleased with the result. (pictures coming soon!) 
So shop around if you’re considering tile and don’t under estimate what a you can do by cutting it into rectangles vs. your standard square. 

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