Downtown Charleston Renovation Project – Queen Street

Downtown Charleston Renovation Project – Queen Street

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This post probably should have been the start of my blog but better late then never.  Some of my friends know of this project but other readers may not and I wanted to pay homage to my first project that I jumped into not knowing anything!

When people heard that my husband and I bought this home they thought we were nuts and for me I think I was just naive and I’m glad I was because it made this project a great learning experience and adventure.

I truly cannot say what I had envisioned and all I had was a set of plans that came with the home and magazines galore to inspire me.  Luckily Ryan and I are quick descision makers and once we make a decision we go with it and never look back.

The final result was a home that Ryan and I enjoyed so much and shared great memories with all of our friends.  I can proudly say we made all the decisions from the paint colors to the decor.  It did help that Ryan has a construction company Sceltas who did the work which made us respsonsible to make all the decisions, but again wouldn’t change a thing!
Looking back at these pictures makes me smile because I loved every moment, but the best part is that the new owners stay in touch with us and tell us how much they love the home. 
I look forward to doing this again in our new home!

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