DIY Rustic Chandelier

DIY Rustic Chandelier

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Recently I reveal my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge.

But one thing I wanted to share was how I created this chandelier.

Sorry for the bad pic, it was hard to take at night.


I went to Home Depot and bought the following items.


1 brass loop 1/8F IPS
4 5-inch brass pipes 1/8F IPS
4 10-inch brass pipes 1/8F IPS
2 9-inch brass pipe 1/8F IPS
5 Keyless sockets 660W-250V 1/8-27 CAP
4 5 1/8F bottom X 1/8F side 90 deg. straight armback elbows
1 4-hole 1/8 sides x 1/8 bottom x 1/8 top large cluster body
8 feet of 2 wire twisted cord
Electrical tape

All found at the Home Depot except the 4 hole large cluster which I bought at a local store.

So I began by taking apart the sockets & wiring them & screwing them back together. Ignore the black and red wire, I learned through trial and error that with all the pulling through the pipes it cut and shorted. Stick with the twisted wired from Home Depot.


Then after I wired the sockets, I ran the wire through the 5 inch brass pipes.


Once I did that, I connected the pipe to the sockets.


Next I ran the wire through the connected and the elbow piece.


Then I ran the wire through the 10 inch brass pipes and connected it to the elbow.


Once I finished all 4, I ran all the wiring through the cluster.



Next, I took the two 9 inch poles, connected them with the connector that came in the package to create an 18 inch pole that would run to the ceiling. (sorry missed this pic)

This is where it got tricky. I had to twist all the wires together (the clear twisted ones) in the cluster to the wire coming through the now 18 inch pipe. Once all twisted and taped, I twisted the 18 inch pole into the cluster. I actually ran the remainder of the wire with the plug in it through the 18 inch pole so that I could connect it to an extension cord from the tree.

I added the bulbs that I bought from Home Depot and voila!


Except I wanted it to be rustic. So I gathered tree branches from my backyard and attached them with wire to create my rustic chandelier.



Happy Monday friends!

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