Designer Crush

Designer Crush

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I have watched all of her series from Design Inc, to Sarah’s House and now Sarah 101 and this has been only in the past 5 months. I never knew she existed and one day got lucky to see her show while working at home with HGTV playing in the background, yes I am talking about the talented Sarah Richardson.

She has fabulous style, is funky but also mixes in classic. What I ADMIRE and LOVE about her most is that she is shown shopping at places like Lowe’s. That makes me smile because as I work on our new home, and you will see in my series, “Not your grandma’s ranch”, I will be using Lowe’s items.

What else makes her kinda cool is that she’s a mom. I loved seeing her walk around with a pregnant belly rockin’ out some great designs…I kinda feel like I’m following in her footsteps being pregnant and working on designing and decorating our home. I’d eventually would love to become a designer, heck I wouldn’t mind if HGTV asked me to host a show!

I’m using some of her designs from below for my inspiration on our home.

For Coopers room and the future nursery I was inspired by these walls above. I love molding, wainscoting, etc. As you will see once the photos begin- the rooms look great with this detail! I did change my style a little- instead of going all the way up the walls I went a little over half and added a shelf where I can place decor.
This is a little traditional for me, funky yes, but my spin of this will be somewhat similar but not as funky. I am actually going to put up wallpaper- yes I am NERVOUS and a little excited at the same time. I’m going to do more wainscoting on my walls, half way up and then comes the wallpaper. I won’t go into detail on it as I want it to be a surprise!

This room makes me smile. I love the neutral colors but yet the chic feel of it. I feel a room like this can’t go out of style. This is my goal for my guest bedroom. I’ve got it painted a similar color and a beautiful headboard made. Working on the bedding and drapes. I unfortunately do not have the space for the seating at the end of the bed because of the size of the room.
I can’t wait to get some of my projects completed so I can share with you how these designs inspired me and how I saved money because we are on a budget, ouch that was hard to write, but there are ways to make your home look fabulous for less. I can’t wait to share some of my secrets with you!

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