Come meet the talented Liz Marie!

Come meet the talented Liz Marie!

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I smile, kinda grin, every time I think of Liz Marie. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Haven Conference this summer. Not sure if she would say it was a pleasure meeting me exactly (kidding… I will explain why.) We were at the last conference event, and I’m not sure exactly what happened. We were both in line to take photos and she may have said something, or maybe I dropped something, but in any case, while talking to her, I accidentally gave her a papercut with the paper I had in my hands. She was witty and said something back that made me laugh. Fast forward a few minutes later as we began talking again, and my cell phone slips out of my hand and is practically thrown at her. Again, she said something funny, and I couldn’t stop laughing. After that I knew this girl rocked!

Liz has an amazing rustic style and completes fun and fabulous DIY’s. Plus, she is truly just a great girl. So, grab your morning drink and join me for a fun read!

Q. You went to three colleges; why and did you study interior design?

Yes! I was going to college for business because honestly I thought it was safe, and one day I just decided to take a leap of faith & follow my design passion. I graduated last year with a degree in interior design & I have slowly been offering my services to others.


Q. Is your blog your full time job or is it your creative outlet?

My blog started as a creative outlet and now has grown into a full-time job & my creative outlet. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, and I’m so grateful for all of my DIY friends who stop by my blog daily and chat with me.


Q. I love your style! How would you describe it to your readers?

I always describe my style as eclectic cottage. I like the rustic vibes with an eclectic touch that looks like it was decorated over time & not in just one day. In the end I have this cozy cottage that I’m quite obsessed with.


Q. You do a lot of DIY projects – what started this creative spark & DIY interest?

I have ALWAYS been a DIY fanatic. My brain has always looked at something & thought, “how can I make that myself?” It’s just deep in me & I couldn’t stop it if I tried. I was the little girl growing up not watching cartoons but watching design shows like Trading Spaces instead.


Q. What has been your hardest project so far? And what’s been your favorite?

Weirdly, the hardest projects for me are the ones that I think too much about. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but if I start creating & don’t think too hard it comes out wonderfully and easily, but if I think too much or plan too much it’s a headache. My advice? Just create & don’t stress it!


Q. What is it about interior design or decorating that you like? What inspires you?

I love creating beautiful comfortable spaces. I love being able to turn a blank slate into a space with a wow factor. I love the power of paint & accessories to really transform a space. I also love the challenge of creating beautiful spaces on a budget. The power of DIY is a real thing & I love sharing that on the blog.


Q. Do you do all this decorating for yourself or do you take on clients?

I do a LOT of decorating for myself, a LOT out of kindness for friends & family, & I am starting to take on a few clients here and there right now. I plan on taking on a lot more after our move from North Carolina to Michigan at the beginning of next year. My husband is getting out of the military & after our big move I will be ready to spread my passion for design farther.


Q. Your husband has a blog and is very hands on. Do y’all collaborate on projects together?

Yes! Oh my goodness I can’t stress this enough, but without him, a lot of my projects would not become a reality. He is the braun and a lot of time the brains behind my projects. I come up with these crazy ideas & he helps me make them a reality & I love him for it! You can see his work over on


Q. You are from Michigan originally and now live in NC. How is life different in south to you?

I moved to NC 7 years ago when I married my marine & I have fallen in love with the south. Where we live it’s a very small town on the water and everything moves at a slow pace. I love the small town vibes where everyone knows me and my blog, which I love! We are moving north in a few months & I’m nervous to be in a bigger city, & I will for sure miss the small town southern hospitality.

michigan house 1

Q. Any southern traditions that you will take home with you when you move back?

I will say ya’ll. haha. I actually ordered a print that says “Hey ya’ll” & I plan on hanging it by our front door. But, seriously, I have learned a lot here in the south, but one of the main things is southern hospitality & learning to slow down and talk to others and help others.


Thanks, Liz, for taking the time to talk with my readers! I appreciate your input, and I know everyone enjoyed reading more about you.

Have a great week, friends!

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  • December 10, 2014

    Great interview! Love her relaxed style… cozy!

  • December 15, 2014

    Such great style – chic and relaxed, and I especially adore the last two image. Thrilled to find and follow both of your blog!!

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