Celine from AquaHaus is dropping in for coffee!

Celine from AquaHaus is dropping in for coffee!

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I discovered Celine and her amazing blog Aquahaus during the One Room Challenge.
Instant love for her awesome style and fabulous Austin, Texas, life. When she agreed to join me in my “Guess who’s dropping in for coffee” series, I was stoked. I was even more in awe and excited when I read her answers below. She kinda rocks!

So, grab your morning cup of joe – or whatever you choose – and join me for a good read!

Q. You’re in the medical field? What do you do?

I’m an oncologist (cancer doctor). I treat patients with cancer, primarily breast cancer.

Q. The design work is something you do on the side? When do you have time?

I love design, but it’s purely a hobby. Though my job is busy, I think I have the extra time because I don’t have kids!! So my nights and weekends are pretty free to peruse Pinterest to my heart’s delight and experiment with various DIY projects.

Celine's fabulous guest bathroom transformation!

Celine’s fabulous guest bathroom transformation!

Q. Where do you find your inspirations? Bloggers? Magazines? Your surroundings?

My inspiration comes from many different places. I love Jenny Komenda; that woman can do anything. I love reading design blogs; especially Design Crisis and Holtwood Hipster. And, yes, definitely my surroundings – Austin is so full of inspiration. Fortuitously, I’ve made lots of design-minded friends in Austin, and this additionally cultivates the inspiration.

Her amazing staircase is magazine worthy!

Her amazing staircase is magazine worthy!

Q. Do you do design only for yourself or do you do it for others as well?

I’m a design rookie, and probably should stick to my day job, which something I know in and out. I’ve been able to witness first-hand the amazing projects my designer friends in Austin complete for others, but I’d be too afraid to have someone pay me for something they hate. I only design for myself because when you’re designing for yourself, you can take risks without penalty. However, I’d love to do it no-strings-attached for friends.

Amazing bright kitchen space- can we say light love?

Amazing bright kitchen space – can we say light love?

Q. You recently finished the One Room Challenge – what was the most challenging part of that for you?

Definitely finding the time. I had so many different ideas and projects I wanted to implement, but at the end of the day, time was my enemy. A close second was trying to incorporate as many of the things I already possessed, rather than buying new things. It was SO hard going to Target and staying away from all the Nate Berkus items.

I have pool house envy!

I have pool house envy!

Q. What has been your favorite work that you’ve done this far, which room or project makes you smile?

I have two. The first would be the penny bar and my One Room Challenge poolhouse. The penny bar is a visually impactful labor of love, and it truly makes me smile every time I see it. The second is the wallpaper I put up myself in a guest bath. The wallpaper was a feat! I had never done such a thing, but I armed myself by watching innumerable YouTube videos, and reading blogs. I tackled the room in eight hours. It is not perfect, but it’s pretty damn good, if I may say so myself.

Amazing DIY Penny top for the bar in her pool house!

Amazing DIY Penny top for the bar in her pool house!

Q. Your style is mid century. Living in Austin there’s so much mid century goodness, where do you find your items?

There is lots of goodness, but you have to pay for it. People pillage Austin’s Craigslist like none other, and then turn around immediately and make beaucoup $$$$. (hmmm…side business idea?) Still, I do search Craigslist religiously. I’m also lucky because the Superbowl of flea markets – Roundtop – happens in the Austin area 4 times a year (big shows are winter and fall). There is nothing like hitting Roundtop with my dog Archie, champagne popsicle in hand and the thrill of the hunt. I also love hitting Nannie Inez, an amazingly well-curated modern boutique in Austin.

Her amazing pool house

Her amazing pool house

Q. I’ve been to Austin, and I love it! I ate at Pelone’s it was my favorite Tex Mex, where else would you suggest going?

There is just too much TexMex in Austin to choose. There are days that I have genuinely eaten tacos for all three meals and been ecstatic about it. However, there are three TexMex gems: 1) Trudy’s – especially for the Mexican Martini’s. 2) El Alma – the happy hour is fantastic. 3) Torchy’s – a local chain that makes amazing tacos and street corn.

Q. If you had a day off with no errands, no work, nothing – what would you do?

I’d start the morning with a walk to Jo’s coffee shop on South Congress Avenue with my husband and my dog, Archie. We’d then continue down S. Congress and do some shopping (Austin is very dog-friendly). I love perusing Uncommon Objects for little treasures. We’d grab brunch at Little Barrel & Brown, then head home for some fun in the sun. We’d have people over for an impromptu pool party resplendent with tunes on the record player, and I’d try my best to come up with a craft cocktail for the masses. After sunning ourselves silly (with sunblock ad nauseum of course), we’d go inside for dinner and then karaoke (yes, I have my own karaoke machine) until the wee hours.

I would hang out here every weekend!

I would hang out here every weekend!

Q. If you didn’t live in Austin, where would you love to live?

Tough one! Austin is truly my utopia. I went to college here, and it’s fun to try to re-live and out-do my glory days. Ha! If I had to live somewhere else, I’d probably live in Portland, Austin’s sister city. It’s beautiful. Hipster coffee shops and farm-to-table restaurants abound, and the music scene is killer.

Thanks, Celine! You are awesome!!

I hope you check out Celine’s blog, I’ve enjoyed drooling over her amazing home! Come back next week to meet another amazing guest!

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  • June 12, 2014

    I also “met” Celine during the ORC and feel in love with her home and her humor! Such creativity in that pool house! Great coffee talk!!

  • June 12, 2014

    I would kill to visit Austin!!!

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