C Wonder Debuts in Charleston

C Wonder Debuts in Charleston

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I was super excited when I took a spontaneous trip downtown and surprisingly saw a C Wonder store in the process of opening. I’ve followed them on Instagram for a while and love so much of their clothing, but more importantly, the housewares! I, unfortunately, missed the opening party, but I made it this time to Look Linger Love’s party.

I knew the first item I was going to purchase was this lacquer box with the E monogram.

The PERFECT lacquer box for my hubby.

This box is making it to my built-in bookshelves for my husband. Yes – for him – because he likes to empty his pockets on my shelves, and it makes my OCD kick-in very badly. Organization is key! So, now, he can place them nicely in here! 

I loved so many of the other items for accessorizing.  These were my favorites:

Gold cocktail glasses & Ikat plates – so FUN!

Fabulous pillow covers. Perfect for any home.

Awesome accessories as gifts or for your own home.

Gold flying pigs. Enough said. 🙂

I adore this store and plan on making several purchases for my upcoming design projects! And, if you haven’t been by C Wonder yet, make plans to go!

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