A Drum Roll Please for Kristin @ The Hunted Interior

A Drum Roll Please for Kristin @ The Hunted Interior

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One of my favorite & first DIY bloggers and home designers that I discoverd is Kristin @ the Hunted Interior. Her style is unique, and I love how she knows when/where to splurge on the right decor items. I also love that she works side-by-side with her main man. This is something we have in common as many of you know, my hubby and I tackle many home renovations together. I might be a tad better than he is, though, with the sander. 😉

So, let’s get to know Kristin. P.S. That’s not coffee in her mug. Read on to find out her daily dose of caffeine… 😉

Coffee HI

Q. You studied International Hotel Design. Where did you study, and what drew you to this?

I went to school for Interior Design and landed my first internship with one of the city’s best Hotel Design Firms. After graduating, I stayed on and loved the fact that with Hotel Design you have the best of both worlds… the residential appeal of all of the guest rooms and suites, as well as the commercial/specialty factor of the lobby, public spaces & restaurants.

Q. What did you do before writing the Hunted Interior?

Before the Hunted Interior I was a Hotel Designer for almost 7 years. It was one of the best opportunities I’ve had, and it really helped me develop my love of appreciating all aspects of design & architecture.

Our New Sofa

Q. You have created so many amazing spaces all over your home. Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration from many things like magazines, a vintage rug, or even just the need for something. For instance, when creating our banquette in the kitchen, the need for a dining area was huge! So we used that small space as a jumping point to create one of our favorite little nooks.


Q. What has been your favorite project so far?

One that I haven’t done yet! There is always a chance to create new & beautiful spaces. I love the potential that a space can bring and how it can be transformed into something so completely different.

Q. What has been your hardest project, and what do you find is the hardest part about interior design/decorating?

My hardest project to-date has been our outdoor patio we recently built. Mostly due to the physical labor aspect of it!! But I find the hardest part to be fulfilling the vision on a set budget. As with most projects, you run out of funds in the end, and you are left sacrificing the items that really make the space – like the accessories & art. I think this is why I love “hunting” so much. It gives you the ability to splurge on those few items and finish the space with items that have a great story behind them vs. just picking it up at the store.

Outdoor Oasis Reveal

Q. Where, why and/or when did this insane love and creativity of this amazing DIY start?

DIY was something that I had never really thought of, but after years of designing custom fabrics, area rugs & especially furniture for my job, it simply came easily to us. I knew how to construct a piece of furniture on paper, and my husband had the skill set to help me bring them to life. Somewhere along the way I became comfortable enough to get behind the power tools, too.

My Hand-Painted Wearstler Wall

Q. When did you finally feel like you made it?

Have I made it?!! Ha. Well, probably the moment when I got my first opportunity to work with Domino. That was amazing.

Q. If I knocked on your door on a random Saturday, would I find you at home covered in paint & sawdust, or out “hunting” for home accessories?

Depends on the day… sometimes both! But probably “hunting”. I love making weekly trips to my favorite spots to see what I might uncover.

Skirted Console Revisited

Q. Tell me something your readers don’t know about you.

I don’t like coffee… so you won’t find it in my mug! I’m more of a Chai Latte kinda gal.

Q. If you could spend the day with one famous person or someone who you admire, who would it be?

I would love to go tag along with Sarah Richardson & Tommy Smythe. Besides the talent they both possess, they are both so incredibly fun! That would be a blast.

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  • September 15, 2014

    Kristin is simply overflowing with talent! Loved reading more about her!

  • September 16, 2014

    I love Kristin…she is so talented. Her home is amazing.

  • September 16, 2014

    Kristin’s blog is one of my all time favorites!! I was so excited when this post showed up in my blog feed. How fun to read her story! I want to tackle several of her projects- like the Kelly Werstler wall!

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