February 2009

If you love HGTV like I do you more than likely have watched Design to Sell. It deals with the realty of home selling and buying.Recently, they had an episode that stated the 35 Secrets to Sell. These are basic rules that have been around for a very long time and some times they are easy to overlook. I, as a realtor, have in the past skipped some rules and I feel that it has had an impact on sales price and how quickly a home sells.So, I try to stick to my guns when I work with my clients

Like the rest of the USA, Charleston has seen its fair share of large inventory, reduced prices, short sales and foreclosures.There are many buyers who are able to take advantage of these great opportunities.However, there are those who are waiting, but when is waiting too late?I read an article from Realtytimes and they stated the six signs It's Time for Home Buyers to Buy: Inventories start to decline: That means that the best buys are leaving the market and best doesn't necessarily mean cheap. It means the homes with the highest likelihood of profitable resale. Desirable homes will leave the market

In a buyer's market, curb appeal - yours and the neighborhood's - becomes even more important. Fresh paint, a new front door and colorful landscaping often are sure-fire ways to tease potential buyers over the threshold of a home for sale. But in some cases, no matter how perfect your pansies, nothing can draw their gaze past the tired-looking two-story buried in weeds next door. More than 60% of 900 people surveyed by contractor-referral site ServiceMagic.com said they have or have had neighbors who make the street look bad by not taking care of the outside of their homes (21%