June 2014

It's time to meet Roxy Te! I met this little, butt kicking, full of energy (y'all thought I had a lot of energy she runs laps around me) amazing woman at an event here in Charleston! She happens to be the brilliant designer behind Society Social. If you haven't heard of her line before (where have you been!?!), swing by Charleston Revisions where you can see many of their pieces. Grab a cup or two and find out more about Roxy! Here's my Q&A with her: I'm in love with your new arrivals. Do you have a favorite? It's always so

Happy Monday friends!! I hope you had a great weekend. We certainly did despite all the rain. I wanted to share a delicious and quick recipe that we made on Friday night. Ryan, my husband, texted me in route from Miami and asked if I would get shrimp. I texted back laughing saying just left the store and actually just bought some. He sent me the following recipe, and ironically, I had just bought half of the ingredients as well. So, when he finally got home he showed me that he actually found the recipe in Charleston Magazine. It's quick and easy