Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday

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Morning friends!

Hoping y’all have a great Tuesday. Now, that we have our double ear infection under control everything’s hopefully smooth sailing from here on out.

I had good intentions on writing a post about a recent project but as luck would have it my youngest woke screaming with ear pain. I called the doctor at 8pm on a Sunday, begged for amoxicillin with no avail. I knew it was an ear infection, it’s mother’s intuition to know your children’s health and how to fix it, don’t you agree?

Anyway, that never happened so I’m going to start with my top 10 Tuesday and try and get my Monday post in later this week.

So, let’s get started.

Honestly, I don’t love this entire room. What I do love is this fireplace! The ledge going all the way across, it makes such a statement in this room!

I’m just a sucker for a farm house, especially a modern farm house. When I imagine living in it I see simpleness, a lot of outdoor activity and just some calmness to it. This one definitely has some interesting architectual details.

I think if I say “wow” we are all in agreement that would be enough.

Never have I ever seen a bathroom like this, but I do love it’s rusticness mixed with some contemporary.

I, like everyone else, love a white kitchen. But, I’ve found myself lately being smitten with wood cabinets in a kitchen, kinda like this. What do y’all think?

Talk about a statement piece, I mean wow to this porcupine mirror! I don’t have a project for it right now, but man I hope y’all do!

Janice Minor

I am SURE y’all know Target is having a big bogo sale right now…right? Well, I was looking for clothes for the boys and completely got sidetracked and stumbled across this table. It’s simple, chic and gold. Need I say more?

Square gold accent table with marble

You know I can’t not talk about fashion. With the fall weather on the horizon, I may have started working on some small updates for my fall wardrobe. I’ve had my eye on this bag for a couple of weeks now. I want something neutral that can last me from now until Spring time. I love the size and the color of this one. I may be ordering it in the morning.

Sole Society Capri Faux Leather

I love dressing up, but something about boots, a cute top, jeans and jacket make me so happy. And, I don’t know why right now I’m so drawn to neutrals and earthy colors but I am. This jacket has my attention.

Twill anorak

And, if you don’t have these earrings, get them! I LOVE these so much! You can make them shorter, longer or no tassel. I have been stalking them forever and cannot say enough how happy I am that I pulled the trigger on these!

Aida Tassel Earrings

Well, that’s a wrap for this Tuesday. I hope y’all found a little morning inspiration!

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  • September 15, 2015

    i was drooling over that mirror the other day, clicked on it and saw the price, and wiped the drool and put it out of my mind! 😉

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