Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday

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Morning friends!  How was your Monday? Mine was productive and I enjoyed getting a lot done.  
I’m excited to share some beautiful inspirational home designs, fun decor and of course fabulous fashion. 
This farmhouse is a scene out of a movie. I love the windows. 

This bedroom ceiling reminds me of the kitchen project I’m working on. I love this space it is stunning from top to bottom. So much detail and so simple.

I wanted to try and do this in our home and some how never made that happen. So I’m going to add this to my to do list on another project.

I dream of having a large open kitchen where my children can run through without taking me down. And this one will fit the bill.

My husband is making plans for another change to our home. Our back porch to be exact and it looks a lot like this.

Now onto home decor. 

I still cannot make a sofa decision on what I need to put at the end of my bed. But this one has me thinking.

jodi 84" tufted

This table is fabulous and beautiful! I’ve ordered one for my bathroom, love it so! (And, it comes in multiple colors)

Quartz Harbin Table

These plates are beautiful and on sale.   

And because there’s no denying I love clothes. These two dresses make my heart skip a beat! I need a dress for a wedding.

I love the dark background and florals on this one.


And this dress is so happy, fun and on sale. 

That’s it this week friends! 

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