Things You Need to Know About Kristy from Wicks Nest

Things You Need to Know About Kristy from Wicks Nest

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I had the recent pleasure of discovering Kristy through our collaboration with Homegoods. Her room creations caught my attention. I loved following her on Instgram and reading her blog. I can feel her happiness, love for life & sweetness through her writing and images. I wanted to get to know this creative, fun & stylish blogger. So, join me for a fun Q & A!

Q. Previous to becoming a blogger, you were a flight attendant. Do you miss being able to jump on a plane and take off?

Sometimes! I am a traveler at heart and adored being able to escape the ‘real world’ every once in awhile…
I’ve had so many great experiences through my job from grabbing a flight to NY and catching the most recent Broadway show to watching Tortoises lay eggs at midnight in Cancun. I’ve biked all around DC and Georgetown using the Hotel’s cruisers and even taken a sailboat out in Miami. It was fun while it lasted FULL of great memories and incredible people.

Gorgeous entry

Gorgeous entry

Q. Do you have any treasures around your home from your travels that you just adore?

I do! I have a beautiful wall piece from my time living in Greece and a hand carved marble chess set with beautiful inlay work from India.

I love the colors in her living room

I love the colors in her living room

Q. Your rooms are so bright, fun and inspiring. Where do you go for your inspiration?

I’m inspired by so many different things… My Mom who ‘really’ knows how to pull a room together, other Interior Designers, and anything that reflects the colors of the gorgeous gardens and oceans.


Q. How would you describe your style?

While my personal style tends to lean more toward a tailored Classic look, I love and appreciate a combination of styles in any given space.

My own style at home is a mix of Southern Formal (reflected in the florals, toile fabrics, chintz pillows) and chinoiserie (represented in ginger jars, wall art and other decor items), with a touch of Coastal and Rustic all wrapped up with a Classic Traditional finish… LOL

I adore symmetry and I’m a huge fan of the cooler tones such as blues, greens, grays and whites. That being said… I must admit I’m a little torn because I think almost every home needs a red room of some sort. (I grew up with a red library and living room in DC.)

I don’t believe a room should shout just one direction per se. Rather, I feel it’s important to reflect the many facets of our lives by interweaving the many styles of decorating.

I like rooms to have contrasting textures and an equal mix of old and new with special pieces full of history and stories. Architectural detail should always be represented in both the space and decor for another layer.

Lastly, I think it’s important that each space represent the people living in it. If a client loves a Formal space, that’s fine but you can bet I’ll sneak in a piece or two that describes their personality as well. Whimsy is important as life is serious enough.

WN- Guest Room 1

Q. Where do you find all your fabulous accessories?

I find pieces everywhere! My all time favorite is Homegoods simply because it’s a one-stop-shop with just about anything you can imagine for the garden or home at affordable prices.

My other favorites at both nearby stores and online are Target, TJMAXX, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Wisteria Home Decor, Ballard Designs, Kathy Kuo Home, Horchow, One Kings Lane and Joss and Main.

I also adore Flea Markets and Consignment stores. There isn’t anywhere I won’t shop… even when over seas! I can’t tell you how many alley ways I’ve ventured down (with friends of course) for that incredible piece I’ve wanted!

blue2 2

Q. Is there a project that you look back on that makes you smile?

Redecorating my daughter’s bonus room was a heartfelt project simply because I wanted to surprise her with a new sitting room when she came back from college. She was very surprised and cried when she first saw it.

Kristy's daughter's charming room

Kristy’s daughter’s charming room

Q. What is your favorite room to decorate?

I love decorating my main living areas like the Family Room or Study. I always like mixing things up in the spaces I spend the most time in for interest. I don’t think I’ve ever kept a room the same for more than a couple of years.


Q. If you were to push the envelope with your home or a client’s home and use what seems like a ‘crazy” color what would it be?

Because I love all things ‘light and bright’ I think I’d like to try and maybe do a dark Navy Study. If I’m going ‘crazy’ I guess I’d love a coral space with an ocean view.


Q. If you didn’t live in San Francisco, where else would you live?

Sooo many places I love…

In the US – West Coast, Santa Barbara (I’ve lived there before and would return in a heartbeat if possible) and on the East coast… my former hometown of McLean which is just right outside of DC. UNLESS I could have a gorgeous townhouse in Georgetown.

Overseas? London!

Her amazing backyard with the pool

Her amazing backyard with the pool

Q. A day off to do whatever you would like, what would you do?

Meet my friends for lunch then go shopping with Bunny Williams!

Happy Friday friends, and thanks for dropping by to meet my friend Kristy!

I love helping people successfully find and perfect their dream homes in Charleston. This is why I'm dedicated to home selling, buying, decorating, designing and remodeling.


  • August 29, 2014

    Love her calm colorful spaces! We have something in common as I was a Flight Attendant also:)

    • August 29, 2014

      Thanks so much Sherry! I never knew you were a Flight Attendant before too?! Who did you fly for? I was with American for 16 years and then Virgin for the last 3. πŸ™‚ xo

  • August 29, 2014

    Loved doing this interview with you Krystine! Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know more about me. Hugs friend and Happy Friday! xoxo

  • August 29, 2014

    Love this! And love kristy from wicks nest! πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend and holiday!

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