Pillow talk….

Pillow talk….

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Don’t be thinking dirty y’all! 😉 Kidding, talking about fluffing those pillows and some pretty affordable pillows for your home!

Ok, first of all, I have to confess. I’m VERY OCD about pillows. I fluff them twice a day at least if not more. And I’m not talking karate chop fluff. Let me explain.

One day I was walking through a cute store here in Charleston and some pillows caught my attention. I picked them up and saw this tag that showed me how to fluff them. So I went home and tried this technique on my pillows and voila! I had fat and fluffy pillows again and they were fabulous!

It’s so easy it’s silly. But I have to share because I’ve never been introduced to this trick.

First, here are my flat pillows.

Flat Pillow

Hold by each corner in front of you, drop.


Pick up, hold the corner on each end on the opposite side and drop again.


Voila! Look at that fluffy and plump little thing!


OK, I may have been more amused than y’all, but I love it and do it often! Or another way is to put the pillow on it’s back and karate chop on each side, spin and karate chop and repeat until you reach desired fluffiness.

Continuing talking about pillows… here are a few that I felt were worthy of some blog attention. (what I’m saying is cute and affordable)

These Caitlin Wilson Textile pillows are darling for a solid color because they aren’t quite solid, the ribbon adds the right touch.


I love this one so much, so retro!

Kelley Wearstler Like Katana Pillow

The blue and green in this pillow is wonderful!

Green Ikat Decorative Pillow Cover

The embroidery on this pillow and the pom pom’s rock!


Y’all this pillow has been on my radar for a while, maybe for the master bedroom?

Chai Lai Pillow

Kilim’s are hot and this one is too!

Plum & Bow Ankara Kilim Pillow

I actually have this fabric to make this pillow from Tonic Living.


You can never go wrong with a Nate Berkus pillow.

Nate Berkus™ Black Triangle Printed Pillow

I really have a bad leopard addiction and this pillow isn’t helping!

Designer High End Schumacher Leopard Beige and Espresso on Ivory 14x24

This aztec pillow reminds of the one that everyone has from ikea.


Here’s my pillow with a gray background, I love it this way too!


I have curtains made from this fabric but I love it in a pillow too!


Are you looking for a faux fur pillow for a good price? Here you go!

Faux Fur Pillow

Because I like gold this!


And this pillow is just beautiful!

Embroidered Tarik Silk Pillow

I love this embroidered elephant pillow!


Ending it with this lovely! I love ETSY!

handembroidery big size handwoven bohochic 24x24

If you’re a sewer, which I’m not unfortunately, you can definitely find amazing fabric and make one. I have mine made, a lot!

Happy fluffing friends, thanks for dropping by!

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  • February 9, 2015

    so many great pillows out there! i could style my sofa all day! 🙂 and love your fun tip! my kids would also enjoy it.

  • February 10, 2015

    Hah! Love your drop and plop method of fluffing. I typically go for the side fluff followed by a fierce “karate chop”. Yours is a less violent method:)

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