Out with the Old and in with the old redone?

Out with the Old and in with the old redone?

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Sorry for the hiatus….having a baby, working like a crazy thanks to the super busy real estate market, trying to be married, raise a 3 year old and renovating takes up too much time!  As I read what I wrote I realize- I need to squeeze some time with my girlfriends- happy hour is also on my to do list!

OK back to the main post…I’m not sure where this re-upholstering obsession I have started…but needless to say I love doing it.  What I love even more is walking into a Goodwill and buying a pair of wingbacks for $25- yes a pair of sturdy wingbacks for the price of dinner and a glass of wine!  Now they were a sight….but nothing a little bit of fabric could not fix! 

I found fabric at a local store here, they were asking $25 a yard…so just out of curiousity I googled the fabric and found it online for $9- um sold!

And to think this was in style at some point- times have changed!

I kept it simple because I have plans to add fun pillows

I also found this piece which I’m selling at Chic Antique right now….the before isn’t so great but I love the after- I think it would look good in Channing’s future nursery!(if it doesn’t sell- then you may see it on the post about his nursery) I’m all about my white and light colors right now. COMPLETE change from the first home we did!

It’s so simple…but so great!

So before you toss a piece of furniture – think about giving it a makeover, it’s like buying a new pair of shoes or purse to jazz up an old dress! 

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