Meet the talented Sarah Jeffers Beauchene from Reclaimed Artistry

Meet the talented Sarah Jeffers Beauchene from Reclaimed Artistry

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I had the recent pleasure of meeting Sarah from Reclaimed Artistry through another mutual friend of mine.  Since then we’ve had coffee, a chance to learn more about one another, talk about work, our homes (she’s a neighbor) and now she’s working on a piece for Cooper’s room which I cannot wait to share with all of you!  She’s a super talented, down to earth, fun lady with this knack for creating fabulous artwork!

LPS: What inspired you to become an artist?

Sarah: There are two answers to that question. During college and for years after I tried to be anything but an artist. I had grown up in an enormous family of extremely creative people, many of which are professional artists.  I got to see early the difficulties and challenges of trying to make your passion also your primary means of income. When I was younger I would go to my friend’s houses and everything just seemed predictable and peaceful… paychecks every two weeks, dinner together every night, church on Sunday, very calm and very predictable. I aspired to find this structured environment and thought the answer was in not being an artist.  During college and graduate classes I studied everything BUT art and  pursued degrees in Sociology and English. However, it didn’t take me long to discover that I couldn’t deny the creative side of myself. I believe there will be a restlessness internally until you find the right outlet that makes you happy. From that point I realized that being an artist isn’t just what I do, but rather who I am.  These days I work very hard to balance the two.

LPS: Is there an artist that inspires you?

Sarah: That answer changes constantly because there are different “types” of artists I follow. For example, my brother is in Cirque du Soleil and one look at that elaborate set design leaves me speechless. People that inspire me the most aren’t necessarily artists, but rather people who are passionate about what they do. When it is not a just a job to them, their enthusiasm is contagious and it surrounds every part of their life. You can instantly recognize those who go through life driven by something bigger themselves and I feel lucky to be one of those people.

LPS: What is your hardest project?

Sarah: My most difficult projects have been the ones I began for the wrong reasons. If I said yes only because of money or because at the moment “yes” was easier than “no”, there are usually obstacles that follow. Big obstacles. As I’m sure with any business, there is that voice in your head that gives you warning signals and should be listened to.

LPS: What is your most treasured piece that you’ve created?

Sarah: At different points in my life there have been oil paintings I loved that were created from whatever emotions were driving me at the time. Though treasured, I’ll still sold them.
I am also very proud of the large murals commissions. I have completed a 1,500 square foot historical mural in a school auditorium and a 3,500 square foot mural in the Berkeley County Administrative Building. Currently I am working on another one the same size for the Clarendon County Administrative Center telling the story of their county’s history through mural imagery. Very fun and very challenging!

LPS: If you did not live in Charleston where else would you live?

Sarah: Somewhere warm and with water like Sanibel or Captiva Island. Also, having briefly worked in New York, DC, and Boston, I do love the energy you find in big cities and find constant inspiration there. Yet, I chose Charleston. Much of my family and many of my friends are nearby and at this point in my live, that was extremely important to me to come back to.

LPS: What is your perfect night in Charleston?

Sarah: One like those before all my friends had to go home to relieve the babysitter! I guess that is bad to say, but “fun” seems to take on new forms the older you get.  I do love those nights in the Lowcountry that everyone else complains about… the ones that are hot and humid and you can’t even for a moment forget it is summer. Those are the best when out on a boat, or a friend’s dock with live music and cold drinks.

I am so glad I had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah and get to see her often!  She is offering art classes for the holidays at Sugar Snap Pea for parents and children- I definitely need to register!

Stay tuned to see Sarah’s masterpiece for Cooper’s room and a future giveaway!

You can also keep up with Sarah on her blog!

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