Light Affair…

Light Affair…

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I have to admit- I’m having an affair with lights.  I’m back on being obsessed to finding a couple of perfect one’s for the house.  Those who know me, a few close friends and of course the hubby know how I get obsessed with finding the perfect whatever object I’m searching for and in this case it’s some lighting.

The reason I’m on a light kick is because the little man who is now close to walking grabbed my floor lamp, knocked it down and broke it.  Which is fine because I wasn’t crazy about it but it did give  us much needed light in a corner in our den.  Now it’s not a happy bright place anymore…kinda of an eerie spot.  I hate to say that because next to it is a fabulous chair sitting in the dark all by it’s lonesome!

So here’s the current light situation in my home….if you can’t tell I kinda like shiny/sparkly!

Oooh I did forget one- sorry for the bad pic- it’s from Iphone….but again it’s sparkly!

I did not bother taking any pictures of my bedroom lamps because quite honestly I’m not crazy about them.

But here are the lights that I’m SUPER crazy about….

Arabesque 9 Light Round Golden Silver Pendant


Rejuvenation Reed Sconce

Studio Telescoping Floor Lamp

I may have just purchased this one…but my husband says it’s too short and I have to return it..I’m truly disappointed- I stare at it while sitting on my sofa…I’m having a real hard time breaking up with her.

Worlds Away Gold Leafed Floor Lamp

I can pick so many more….but I’m running out of outlets! 

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