Jana Bek Design

Jana Bek Design

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written a “Guess who’s dropping in for coffee” post. So, I’m starting it off with a very talented designer. Jana Bek does not disappoint with her beautiful style and her signature brush stroke lamps. I’ve got my eye on one once I finally get my master bedroom completed.

So grab your morning beverage of choice, join me on this fun read and start off your day with some beautiful inspiration!

1. Growing up what did you want to do?

I only knew I wanted to be creative, then in college I knew I wanted my career to have a balance of business and creative, and in my 20’s, each of my positions at Macy’s, Henri Bendel, Caitlin Wilson Textiles, and One Kings Lane, defined and empowered me to strike that balance.

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's dropping in for coffee guest post

2. How did design come into play?

When I was an undergrad, at The University of Michigan, ‘creative’ careers weren’t celebrated like they are today, I don’t think it was a function of UM, just that they weren’t as readily available or known then. I always had an interest in fashion so my next step was pursuing a career of a buyer. After my stints at Macy’s and Henri Bendel (which were fantastic) I realized the cyclical nature of fashion was too quick for me, I turned to interior design (then assisting Caitlin Wilson launch her line of textiles) because interiors offer more permanence and I craved that. Now with the launch of my brushstroke lamps, which I’m eagerly wanting to turn into a full line, it’s awesome for me to know my lamps are bringing punch and fun into a space, not for a season but for years to come!

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's dropping in for coffee guest post
3. What was your first project when, you, Jana Bek Designs started?

Let’s see, when I first started, it was mostly E-Design projects. With Caitlin’s hugely successful textile launch, she couldn’t take on E-Design work so she referred her clients to me. So it was a Salt Lake City entry, living/dining room area. It’s tricky to get photos of E-design spaces as the clients live all over the country (and sometimes in different countries) it happened my husband had a good deal of work in SLC at the time so it was very kismet that I had a easy time of styling and scheduling the shoot!

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's Dropping in for Coffee

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's Dropping in for Coffee

4. Your resume is very impressive! What did you learn or take away from all these experiences?

As I mentioned, it was figuring out as much as what I didn’t want to do as what I wanted to focus on. The experiences, especially at Caitlin Wilson Design, my VP at Henri Bendel, Dina Battipaglia, and the fantastic crew at One Kings Lane, empowered me to go after starting my own company. It’s a plethora of things, what an amazing customer service experience means, the meaning of branding, and marketing yourself to beautifully manage that message. Each of these places I had amazing woman as mentors and each was very empowering, I know I used that term already but I don’t know a better one.

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's dropping in for coffee guest post

5. What has been your hardest project so far?

I would say launching my line of brushstroke lamps. The financial investment for sure, but really it was, will people think they are crazy?! I had confidence they would resonate with people; color and pattern I found as a designer can be very hard for people to incorporate into their spaces, and they are a perfect punch of both. I was nervous how they would be received. Speaking of awesome lady mentors, Roxy Te of Society Social was the first to carry them and you bet I was thrilled!

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's dropping in for coffee guest post

6. What is your favorite part of the design process?

Clients telling me how happy they are with their design & that I actually listened to their needs.

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's dropping in for coffee guest post

7. Where do you find your inspiration?

The crazy talented designers I follow on instagram. PInterest for sure – my clients create Pinterest boards for me to reference and between their inspiration, needs, and budget, marrying the three I get very inspired.


8. You do e-design, why? And are you strictly e-design?

Because of how I wanted to grow my brand, it’s really grew my social media skill set. Currently, I’m only able to take on the occasional design project (E-Design or local) as between my social media consulting and growing my lifestyle brand, I just don’t have the bandwidth.

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's dropping in for coffee guest post

9. Your dream house would look like what?

A condo in San Diego, California.Less square footage, more ocean views!

Krystine Edwards Design Guess Who's dropping in for coffee guest post

10. If you could spend a few hours with a historical figure or a current that you admire, who it would it be and why?

It would be Dina Battipaglia, my former VP at Henri Bendel, she is so fun, has the best taste, and is incredibly energizing. With both our schedules it’s been sadly years since we’ve connected.

How fun and amazing is she? I am so thrilled to have gotten to know this fabulous lady even more and I hope you feel the same! And, if you’re as in love with her amazing lamps as I am, you can shop for them directly on her site. Shop Jana Bek design handpainted brushstroke lamps

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  • September 1, 2015

    I love seeing her lamps…it’s so easy to recognize the fun designs. Thank you, Krystine, for such an inspiring story!!!

  • September 2, 2015

    Jana is such an inspiration. I adore her and her style

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