HGTV’s Design to Sell Top 35 Secrets

HGTV’s Design to Sell Top 35 Secrets

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If you love HGTV like I do you more than likely have watched Design to Sell. It deals with the realty of home selling and buying.

Recently, they had an episode that stated the 35 Secrets to Sell. These are basic rules that have been around for a very long time and some times they are easy to overlook. I, as a realtor, have in the past skipped some rules and I feel that it has had an impact on sales price and how quickly a home sells.

So, I try to stick to my guns when I work with my clients about these basic rules. I’m doing this for our own good because at the end of the day our goal is to sell quickly for as close to asking price as possible! I’ve picked a few of my favorites, but please visit the site by clicking on the blog title to read the entire list!

Krystine’s top picks from the top 35 list follows:

35.De-clutter: How can anyone see your homes true potential if they can’t see past a mess!

34.Clean-up: No one wants your mess!

33.Fix it or forget it: Do those minor repairs- otherwise buyers will begin deduct the repair costs from your sales price!

32.Go neutral: You may love your lavender bedroom but it may scare buyers. “Paint is money in a bucket”

31.Design to smell: There is nothing worse than a bad odor in a home you are interested in buying- it is an instant turn off!

26.Deck it out:Outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor spaces. If you space in your backyard, focus on it as much as you do the inside- make this an extension of your home!

25.Have them at hello: You have 10 seconds to make a good first impression! Make sure the second a buyer walks in the door they are impressed!

24.Fire up the fireplace: Don’t hide the fireplace- show it off! Paint and a good mantle can make all the difference!

20.Know your competition: Make sure you know against whom you are competing! Make your place better then the rest with pricing and interior details!

15.Priced to sell: The one question that all Realtors are asked by buyers is “how long has the home been on the market?” List the home at the price you think it will sell, if it sits on the market too long it will become stale and buyers will think something is wrong with it.

13.Primp your vanity: Your vanity is the only piece of furniture in your bathroom- make sure it is updated, you can replace or paint and change the hardware. Don’t forget the lights and mirrors!

10.Cook up your kitchen: Kitchens sell homes! Modest alterations and improvements will get you a great return on your investment.

9.Re-heat your cabinets: Buy stain, sealer, new hardware and make your cabinets look new!

8.Use counter intelligence: Your countertops cannot be dirty or run down. Buyers want to come in and be able to use the kitchen right away – look for pre-fabricated countertops.

7.Apply yourself: People will pay for better appliances- you will get your money back out stainless steel!

6.Open up and say offers: Open floor plans are popular and are a must with buyers now! Knocking down walls can be easily done if it is not a low bearing wall and has no electrical or plumbing in it.

5.Go with the flow: Give the home a flow- don’t let the furniture block your walkway and find the right pieces to create this flow.

2.Complete the picture: Make your home move in ready!

1.Go over the top: If you have a great home and it can sell for a large amount, make sure you have the all the right pieces in place! Granite, hardwoods and all the right updates are must!

If you are unsure of where to start, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll happily give you a private consultation on what we can do to sell your home!

Happy selling!


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