Finished DIY Campaign Desk Makeover

Finished DIY Campaign Desk Makeover

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Two weeks ago I mentioned my plans to take on a DIY campaign desk remodel with a rare Drexel Heritage desk I found in nearby Georgetown. Well, my friends, it is finished!

I got a little busy last weekend inside with all of the Charleston rain, and let’s just say I’m glad the sun didn’t shine… because I now have this desk to show for it!

Say hello to peacock blue!

Let me remind you of what the desk looked like originally:

Campaign desk before my magic.

 This transformation was fairly simple, but it did take some time. My steps:

  • After removing all of the hardware, it was time to paint. I tried using a small cabinet roller to apply the paint, which worked, but it did require several coats.
  • Now, wait for it to dry. Normally, this paint dries quickly, but this time it took a little longer because of all of the humidity from the rain.
  • Next, I applied some Annie Sloan Soft Wax all over the piece and then buffed it using my hand and a small cloth. 

  • I’m usually an avid Brasso fan for cleaning up brass hardware, but the handles were so seriously tarnished that it didn’t quite clean up as well as I wanted. I searched on Google for some home remedies and found a winner – 1/2 cup vinegar, teaspoon of salt and some flour so it turned into paste. The brass turned shiny instantly. 

I absolutely love this desk, and I can’t wait to decorate around it in my son’s room. Just a reminder of how lovely this Campaign Desk is now…

I’m ready to take on a new project! Have you found a piece of furniture that you’d like to makeover? Tell me about it! I just might have some suggestions to share!

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  • October 20, 2015


    Are these desks for sale? I like the black one how much is it?

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