Creating a smart home, but are you thinking of all the smart options?

Creating a smart home, but are you thinking of all the smart options?

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Hello friends! 

As you know, we have recently renovated a 1960’s brick home.  It took us 10 months from start to finish.  There were many items that we incorporated into our home to make it a smart home with the lighting, thermostats, smart locks, etc.  One item that didn’t cross my radar was to incorporate smart blinds. 

In the design process, having many windows was a must.  I did not want a dark home, so floor to ceiling windows were incorporated throughout our home.  One thing I did not consider is that with the height of the windows, pulling blinds up and down (cordless) would be a challenge.  Having a cord was not an option because I felt that it took away from the aesthetic and more importantly, would make me worried with a 2-year-old running around. 

I did some research and discovered that Somfy remote automated blinds were an option.  I have a remote, but I am also able to use an app that connects to my Alexa.  I was thrilled to learn of all of this.  I installed black blinds with J. Geiger using a Somfy motor. 

In the mornings with a simple statement of, “Alexa rise and shine” the blinds go up automatically.  In the evening when I say, “Alexa good night” the blinds close fully.  And there are sayings in between if I want the blinds to set halfway, one side vs the other side, etc. 

This has changed the entire dynamic of our space and has made it so much more enjoyable, energy efficient, smarter and has made it stand out.

I’m so glad we took our time and did our research in finding the perfect blind solution to create a smart home. It was one of the best and most invaluable decisions we could have made!

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