I don't think I can wrap my brain around the fact that Christmas is 4 days away!! I think I have everyone covered on my list. I have a couple of items left for my husband but other than that, I'm good! But, I know it sneaks up on you and here are some gifts that I snagged last minute that I wanted to share. First off, this is such a fun gift for all. Our swurfer is in our front yard and the boys LOVE it! And who doesn't like champagne? Especially in a pretty glittery bottle like this? Art

Morning friends! I don't know about y'all but I'm doing some serious black Friday shopping in my pjs. This year there are too many great online deals to get out in that mess and fight for things. Here are some things that are on my wish list for myself and things I'm getting for my sister and mother in-law. Happy shopping friends!

Morning friends! I'm working on a master bedroom project and have put together some mood boards to present to my client. I love using mood boards to help people see the vision I have for their space. There are times when the mood board will be tweaked, but it's always a good starting point. The master bedroom of my client needs some brightening and sprucing, no major demolition in this project. As you can see below, it's dark and needs some wow factors. The client asked for a boutique hotel feel. So, I presented two boards that I thought would

Morning friends! Wow, where did this week go? But it's Friday and I'm thrilled for the weekend! So, in honor of Friday, I felt a Fri-yay post was due because there were so many wonderful reasons to say "yay" about this week! First of, I'm thrilled to announce I'm part of the William Means team.  I've been with my past real estate company for close to 10 years, so making this change was a very big deal for me. I worked with William Means when we sold our downtown home and they were just wonderful. I hope y'all keep me in mind for

Gosh y'all is it finally Friday? I swear August just started and now it's over. I'm looking forward to a weekend with no plans. OK, well I am doing a home inspection Saturday morning and stopping by a client's home to see the latest shipment for their bedroom. But, that's it! We have been living out of a suitcase all of August and I just want to be home. I want to organize my house, catch up on laundry and finish our honey do list. Anyway, I decided to begin a Fri-yay post. It's about whatever

So, there's no hiding how much I love fashion. I do love to dress up, but I also have a very casual, comfortable style. I need to look put together but also be comfortable because I could be showing a home, meeting a design client, knocking down a wall or being with my boys. So, I put together a quick list of some staple pieces that I'm going to be purchasing that will be worn repeatedly, mixed & matched. Click on the images below to see additional details on the products. Aren't these great? Affordable, cute, staple items and just fun!

I'm so excited for this reveal! I had an AMAZING opportunity to partner with Taylor Burke Home, One Kings Lane and Cotton and Quill for the "Style It Challenge" using the Taylor Burke Home X-bench. The timing was perfect; we just finished our master bedroom addition. Well, almost finished. The bathroom and the bedroom still have a long punch list, and my master closet was missing some fabulousness. My head started spinning. I saw brass, black walls, shelves, more brass and I needed a pop of color. I began browsing through fabric selections that were offered for my X-bench. It was

Whether you like or dislike Valentine's Day, you cannot fully avoid it because it's EVERYWHERE right now. I have to say I like it. But, then again I'm kind of a romantic person for the most part - when I don't have my iPhone in my hand or a client project I'm working on - the excuses can go on! This holiday encourages you to take a minute from the hustle and bustle and to acknowledge that special someone in your life. Wait, let me restate that. You should always acknowledge and show love to that special person or persons