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Happy Tuesday friends! We are just coming off of spring break and it was a fun one. We did a mini road trip through the mountains, made our way to Charlotte then home. It was hard this year with my little one's broken elbow. We couldn't do water sport and were nervous about how comfortable he would be traveling. But, he was a trooper and we had a blast! We are wrapping up a preject and one item left on my to do list is wallpaper. My client has chosen one but I will find out toady

Hi friends! I'm heading home from Atlanta. I attended the Design Bloggers conference.  It was such a great event! I can't wait to share more soon! As usual, I've bee scouring the Internet for inspiration for some upcoming projects and wanted to share what inspired me this week. This home in the Bahamas draws me in. It's so simple, inviting and eludes happiness and relaxation for me. (Fort Point Cottage, Harbour Island, The Bahamas / Laura Hay DECOR & DESIGN Inc. Via houzz)   And this is one of the rooms in this charming home.  If/when we find our next home and we move

Hi friends! Hope y'all had a great weekend! I'm writing you from the bloggers design conference here in Atlanta. It's been so fun so far! I cannot wait to share more soon! So, let's talk about this room. When my client called and asked me to help refresh her space, it looked like this. It has a great focal point, the fireplace and it was covered in shiplap, love it! But, we needed a good design, some color and seating. The walls were painted decorators white by Benjamin Moore. We added additional shiplap on each side of the fireplace. I

Update 3.14.16: We have a change in our pilot air date! Read the details here. Hi friends! I've been keeping a secret for what seems a very long time, almost a year now. My best friends didn't even know, and I finally was able to share it today. I honestly felt like it was a dream and still couldn't believe it. You see, someone in the TV world thought what we did was pretty cool

Happy Friday friends! I'm so looking forward to this weekend! First, the weather is going to be lovely and we have two fun adult events planned. Dinner with friends on Friday and a birthday on Sunday. But, to make it up to the boys we are letting them have a sleepover. There will be 6 boys in my house Saturday until Sunday. Wish me luck, better yet send in back up! HA! I obviously love interior design, but I also LOVE fashion, there's no denying that. And, I thought since I was working on revamping

Happy Tuesday night friends! Did y'all have a great weekend? We had a blast because we had Monday off and we had the SEWE weekend here in Charleston, Southeastern Wildlife Expo. It draws in nearly 40,000 people. It's fun to be downtown and seeing all the animal and attending fun events. I held an alligator for the boys, we saw jump dogs and just had such a fun weekend being downtown, even though it was FREEZING!! So, moving on, this week I have been on a tile, light, counter stool and nursery inspiration search. How cute is this child's

Morning friends! I'm actually posting during normal business hours today! I wanted to talk about fun door colors today! I love a pretty pop of color on a front door. Granted, I have a very taupe home with a wooden door but it doesn't mean I don't like colors. Next house, I promise! (And, no I'm not selling. Each time I post something my phone or email have a message asking if I'm selling and not telling-ha! Well, I'm not yet, if I find something I will!) But let's talk about some fun colors! First off,

I was thrilled to be asked to help with this kitchen. This space belongs to one of my nearest and dearest friends. We have been in one another's wedding, we were there for one another when we both had our children and now she helps me to do a lot of marketing. She has alway supported me whole heartedly in my career. So needless to say, making this space amazing for her was very important to me. I helped her and her husband buy this house. It was a little bit of a fixer upper. But

Morning friends! Hope y'all had a great Super Bowl weekend. Did you go over the top with food? We did big time. The gym yesterday hurt so badly! And, today, I'm going to push myself and go to my friends Barre class. I've got to get back in shape! Anyway, let's talk about some prettiness this week. I put this photo on instagram the other day because first off, it's gorgeous, but secondly, I'm working on a kitchen renovation and we have some similarities in the design. My client ordered this exact hood, we are using brass hardware and the cabinets are