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I guess I can simply say I am beyond thankful for all of my real estate and interior decorating clients this year. Without you I wouldn't have the opportunity to do what I love. So, here's a quick look at some of my favorite projects and real estate opportunities so far in 2013. Here's to you! Charleston Homes Sold or Under Contract Interior Design Projects [br] Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat lots of turkey and then next week let's start YOUR project together! - Krystine

Just recently I ran across some work by a talented local artist and craftsman - Peyton Avrett. I was completely blown away by this custom chandelier in Aged Silver Leaf: This custom Sawyer Chandelier stands 5' tall. [br]But, this image just sparked my investigation. I had to find out more about the people who made such a unique light fixture. And, sure enough, they were from Charleston! Peyton works with Avrett, who makes handcrafted furniture, lighting and accessories, and they've been gracing historic Charleston with beautiful pieces for more than 30 years. I had the pleasure of visiting

Buying fixer-uppers. This is something my husband and I do - and have done it often - but it's also a fantastic option for my real estate clients. Have you ever considered purchasing a home and never found the PERFECT one? Well, you're not alone. This happens to so many people; but, I consider a good problem to have. There are so many wonderful properties in Charleston and Mount Pleasant that could just use a few personal touches. In the long-run, you'll end up with exactly what you want anyway. I call this my Buy & Design option. Knowing your preferences,

First of all, I was really pumped about this store coming to Mount Pleasant. I met the owner, Bobbi, almost two years ago when I was pregnant with my second son. She worked at another local store, and we really hit it off. So, we always kept in touch and I felt privileged to know that a store opening was in the works. When the invite to the Domain Interiors & Design exclusive party arrived, I was more than stoked to go. Finally, it was here! With much anticipation I arrived, walked through the door and immediately I couldn't quit

With all of the great designers at Target, why wouldn't you want to shop there? Many have jumped on the fashion and apparel bandwagon, but are you shopping for home furnishings there, too? I'm seriously taken back by selections right now by Thresholds, Nate Berkus and Shaw Living. I could almost decorate every room in my home with pieces by these amazing - and affordable - designers.So, I thought I'd take a quick trip to Target and show you some pieces I currently have my eye on

I was super excited when I took a spontaneous trip downtown and surprisingly saw a C Wonder store in the process of opening. I've followed them on Instagram for a while and love so much of their clothing, but more importantly, the housewares! I, unfortunately, missed the opening party, but I made it this time to Look Linger Love's party.I knew the first item I was going to purchase was this lacquer box with the E monogram. The PERFECT lacquer box for my hubby. This box is making it to my built-in bookshelves for my husband. Yes - for him - because

I've changed my den coffee table more than I personally would like to admit this year. Our den is rectangular, and the fireplace hearth takes up one entire wall. It make the space a little awkward to decorate. If I had it my way, I would remove a part of the hearth to open the room some more. That said, I’ve been struggling with the perfect coffee table, and I have to say, I think the 4th time was a charm!First, I began with a WAY over-sized round tufted ottoman. The kids loved jumping off it, but it just didn’t