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I am very excited to share this project (finally) with you. I was asked to come and redo the master bathroom of clients that I worked with previously. I was excited to be a part because I knew my client, well the wife at least, and I had similar styles. She wanted a chic bathroom that was bright clean and fabulous. They were and are still excited about their space and I couldn't be happier. Let's start from the beginning, shall we? As you can see, the vanity was falling apart, the granite was black, the

Hi y'all! Two posts so far this week, let's see if I can keep it up. This has always been my favorite post to write. I get to share what's been coming across my computer screen lately that has inspired me. Whether it's a home, a space in the home, decor, furniture, clothes, shoes, food, etc, I want to share it with you. So, on that note, here we go! This kitchen feels like it's ready for the 4th of July and I kinda like it! Photo by Violandi + Warner Interiors - Browse beach style kitchen photos This

I love going through magazines and looking at beautiful spaces. It inspires me, gets me ready for a new project, but most of the times the items that I'm in love with are way out of my projects budgets. So, I want to start a series called "Get the look for less" for my readers. I'm always online shopping and seeing new and amazing products. And, my clients are always sending me images of rooms that they want incorporated in their home. I love this space for a few reasons. They mixed patterns with their pillows, they were

It's taken me a lot to get this post together, however it is well worth the wait. When I was asked by the homeowner to help with their new construction home, I was over the moon! There are so many wonderful elements inside and outside of the home. This family wanted to create a well laid out home, where the spaces flowed from one room to the other and a great space for entertaining. And, I think we just did that. It's a very Charleston style home. The white home with the beautiful wooden

Morning y'all! I hope your weekend was wonderful and full of fun, family, friends and cheer! I know this is a busy time of the year for holiday shopping and celebrating. But, believe it or not it's a crazy busy time of the year for people to renovate and decorate their homes. One popular item that people are asking me about finding are bar stools. So, I've put together a quick post about barstools that I have used in the past and others that I think are worth checking out. Happy Monday y'all!

Well hello sweet friends! It's been a while since I've posted one of these Top 10 posts. I do love sharing the pretty things that catch my eye. That being said, let me get back into the swing of things with a top 10 Tuesday post for old times sake! I really am thinking about our next home. And, as much as I love a white home, I feel like they are EVERYWHERE lately. So, I've found myself looking at other colors such as blue and black. Here's a beautiful home, it's the Coastal Living show

Good morning friends! This post has been very over due! It was a labor of love and in love is what we are with this space. When we bought our home 5 years ago, this space was an old attic with low ceilings. We ripped off the roof, raised it and created a fun space for our boys. This room has hosted sleepovers, movie nights and fun play dates. When they come home from school, they grab a snack and run straight upstairs. When the roof came off and was raised, we were

Morning friends!! Sorry for the delay and radio silence. But, the day is finally here! Our show is debuting this Saturday, May 7th at 12pm EST on HGTV. I've already set my DVR, I cannot believe it's happening! As I mentioned on my Instagram account the other day, we have a new name: The pilot is now called, "Move-In Ready". I'm thrilled to be able to show you a little bit of Charleston, beautiful characteristics of our architecture and give you a sneak peek into our history. Thank you to everyone who has left messages and shared our exciting

Morning friends! It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down in front of my laptop and get to doing blog stuff. I'm excited to be writing again with my Top 10 and I also have a nice little post for y'all tomorrow about some renovating stuff! I've been finishing a renovation that have included gutting a kitchen, a bathroom and decorating the master bedroom and living space. I've given sneak peeks and cannot wait to share the finished spaces once they're professionally photographed! During all of this, I've been scouring the internet for inspiration for these projects