A garage sale, $10, paint and voila

A garage sale, $10, paint and voila

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Every weekend I keep saying I’m going to make it to a garage sale and of course I never do!  However, some time ago, I did have a friend call me from a garage sale asking if I wanted a pair of end tables for $10- he sent a picture and I said, “sure for $10 why not?” 

I didn’t realize some time later that this would be a great addition/investment for our new home.  Of course I don’t have the before picture but picture a blonde pine and brass handles- that should give you a good idea.   So the sanding began, priming, painting and of course the most important finishing touch the wax!  Now I’m trying to figure out what wax works the best but I used this one below and was pretty happy.

I also stopped by a local hardware store for the handles- I thought these would fit best for the style of the tables.  These little tables made the perfect addition to our porch- I’m so happy with the result!

So a word to the wise- check your local craigslist, newspaper and garage sale because someone’s junk can really be your treasure!

My next search is for the perfect chairs for our formal living room- wish me luck!

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