November 2016

Hi friends! How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was absolutely wonderful! My husband and I wanted to take the boys somewhere fun during their week off and we decided on the Biltmore. It was so lovely! I will have to take time to write a post and share our experience. After our visit to Asheville, we spent time with my in-laws and enjoyed our Thanksgiving festivities. But, before we left I sent out our Christmas cards! I'm sorry I got so excited over that, but I was so proud of FINALLY being on top of it. I feel that

Well hello sweet friends! It's been a while since I've posted one of these Top 10 posts. I do love sharing the pretty things that catch my eye. That being said, let me get back into the swing of things with a top 10 Tuesday post for old times sake! I really am thinking about our next home. And, as much as I love a white home, I feel like they are EVERYWHERE lately. So, I've found myself looking at other colors such as blue and black. Here's a beautiful home, it's the Coastal Living show